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The rest of this is a copy paste from a hunting website I’m in, this guy even tried defending what he said!!!


Here is my take on these situations. Yes, he should have been wearing orange! BUT I will never understand how someone says, “I thought I was shooting at a deer”. There is NO excuse for that. You do not shoot at movement or something that could possibly be a deer. You shoot at A DEER. Not only that but you are shooting at a specific area on that deer.

I’ll share a quick story from this year on Catoosa. I was still hunting in an area and saw what appeared to be a tiny bit of blaze orange. I looked for a while trying to figure out what I was looking at. Long story short, I see movement and look through my scope. It was another hunter sitting on the ground with his orange vest rolled up and laying beside him. He was not wearing an orange hat. The first thought that went through my head was, “he better be glad I’m not one of those hunters that shoots at what I THINK might be a deer”.


You’re absolutely right. There is no excuse for shooting at some you do not recognize. It’s one of the reasons I used to skip school to go hunt :rofl:. It’s much safer to drive you SUV up to an open field and shine your brights. Pick the best one. And no hunters to worry about. :rofl:But seriously I’ve always been a bit nervous about hunting while walking through the woods…


No excuse. You need to be sure of your target and what is behind it. You need to know that it is a deer, if it is a buck or a doe, Some states even have antler restrictions, so all those need to be identified before taking a shot. Heck, I have even seen bucks turn into does when they walk behind some thick brush and come out the other side.


There’s no excuse, but I remember growing up in the sticks. Deer Season was no joke. We had blaze orange around the house in case some hunter got lost, and we never left the house unless we were wearing hunter orange or green. Drunk hunters shouldn’t be a thing, but it is.


I’ve never understood this! You have to know it’s a deer as you’re supposed to make sure if it is a doe or buck for your tag, and if a buck has to be no less than a certain rack size. This usually takes looking really close with maybe even 15x optics.

It’s not like the crazy funny scene in Pet Detective where Jim Carry (sp) is in that mechanical rhino!


Way back in the day my aunts friends husband was shot while blowing his nose with a white handkerchief. Had to wear red back then.

Maybe we should cut him a little slack.


Is that Darwin I hear in the bushes?