Biden's Open Border Policy With Corrupt Mexico Fuels Drug, Gun & Human

I believe that MEXICO has a’ failure to communicate’ with us! The Cartels are a major
Influence in what is going on in Mexico and the United States. The fact that our Court of Appeals DIDN’T shoot down this ridiculous Lawsuit just shows how badly the LEFT wants us disarmed and filled with Illegals of all kinds: People, Drugs, counterfeit money whatever and wreak as much havoc as they can before they can achieve a takeover. 377,000! American’s have died from fentanyl and that’s not including the one’s who got mislabeled.
How many Laken Riley’s are going to die? before we say enough? How much dinero is going to be given to these Terrorists before American’s say Um, Houston we have a problem.
I’m not a blood Thirsty guy…STOP LAUGHING!
But I have had it with the way the sh** show is being jammed down our throats and we do NOTHING!

Wait till November they say, It’ll be straightened out then they say!
Does ANYBODY Phuckin’ believe that? Anybody? Will someone please step forward? NO huh?
I didn’t think so.
They are KILLING our people, They are killing our Cops. Another NM State Trooper died this morning doing a ‘Welfare check on an abandoned car on the side of a dark and lonely road in Southern NM. Then he stole the Statie’s car (Crashed it) and is still on the run. Dollars to Donuts he was an ILLEGAL!
State trooper Justin Hare isn’t coming home tonight because Blood is on our .Gov’s hands!
It’s all their phuckin’ fault!

What the hell is it going to take before we start dealing Death on these MF’er’s and step on the DAMN THROATS!
Send a Carpet bombing Message to Cartagena and blow those SH**HEADS back to the stone age!
Wipe the place clean!
And when these Animals come by boat (or land) from these worthless Hell hole Islands Blow them out of the Water and say ‘YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!’
I heard an Article that said the Cartels 'Respected us more when Donald Trump was in Power. Now w/ Pudding Light they laugh their balls off and can do Anything they wish!
It’s time to show some AMERICAN MEAN and DO SOMETHING and put our foot down and say ENOUGH!



Just maybe!! :thinking: Could Resident Joke BiteMe be the Drug Cartel King Pin Leader? And kid, Humper BiteMe, his righthand man? :thinking: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: Our hearts go out to our slayed NM State Police Officer, and his family. Hopefully this coldblooded murderer will be apprehended soon. AND HOPEFULLY, NM Governor MLG doesn’t get all hysterical by calling for more “GUN_CONTROL”.


Go ahead and let them sue for the 10B as long as we put a tariff of 10b on their goods coming into the US for EACH person that has been a victim of Fentanyl.


And Ronald150 is spot on. None of this could happen without certain people being on the payroll.


In my opinion, the failed Nixon era War on Drugs that has created the violence on the border and enriched cartels. The demand for drugs has been largely unaffected by the War on Drugs, just as Prohibition did not affect the consumption of alcohol. Just like Prohibition enriched gangsters and organized crime that turned to violence to conduct their business, so, too, does the War on Drugs.