Biden weaponizing the DoJ?

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In like Flynn, sir, as in Errol Flynn.


maybe Our man Flint reference? James Coburn. Wow I just dated myself.


Interesting how the narrative makes someone believe/think the objective is only to keep 45 out of the Whitehouse! What if the objective is to protect America, our police and military? What if the reason for all the push against 45 is because of all the toxic rhetoric jt continues to spew? What if you continue your incorrect comments YOU are responsible for causing public unrest or worse?

I dunno, “Public unrest” can be a effective, just ask BLM.

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That’s all you can do is use a fraction of a statement then try to respond?

Is that better?


To start the debate, can you please list all the things Joe has done to protect the country and the military? Bullet points please, facts, and no opinions.


Also, everyone, even though we may disagree, please try to remain civil. We are not cavemen/cavewomen.


Why? What has he done wrong that’s been proven? If there’s evidence that is truth, that can convict him of a crime in a court of law, why isn’t he? Don’t start with the Russian collusion, or the “classified documents”, or the January 6th things… There’s enough factual evidence to put a sad amount of holes in all of those. Up to and including illegal activities in the production of “evidence” against him. I’m not a trump fan, but I feel he is better for the country than some other presidents. It’s crazy to me that certain countries in the world waited until after he was out of office to start on their bullshit. Why is that? Why is it that if we are such a superpower and command the world’s respect, that as soon as Joe gets in office, Russia invades Ukraine? We leave our enemies millions of dollars worth of equipment in, by far the, most poorly planned and executed withdrawal? That North Korea and China are bolder than ever? That we willing to do a prisoner trade with Russia for what’s her face? That there has been supposed evidence of corruption at the highest level of the government, but no one has looked at it? If it was Trump’s son’s laptop, I can guarantee with certainty, that it would have been torn apart, and everything “leaked” to MSM 5 minutes after they found it. What’s changed?



Do you have sources to cite for that information?


Seems as though we are carrying that one.


As for wage increases, wage increase is caused partly by inflation. The higher cost of living equals proportionally higher wages. Please tell me again how we are “removing guns from dangerous individuals”.


What did the bureau of land management have to do with any of this?

Where the taxes paid on the value of the college, luxury car or any of the perks that you feel are compensation for a drop of the dollars in pay? Last time i had a pay change to cover a medical or educatuon expense, i still paid the taxes for the value of my PAY. I think you are confusing PAY with dollar signs only and not on the value of the package.

Or Could it Be Black Lives Matter? You know the concept that rioted in the streets, burnt down businesses killed cops and civilians.

Technically, the taxed amount of the car anything given to employees, education expenses, etc. are due by employees. If they are hired as independent contractors, they are responsible for 100% of their taxes, insurance, etc. For example, if you win a vehicle from that giveaway at the mall, you get the car for free, but you still have to pay taxes on the arv. If the vehicle is a RAM 3500 limited, and the arv is 110,000, you have to pay the taxes on that 110,000. If you win the powerball jackpot, you have to pay taxes on that, not the lottery commission… What does them not paying taxes have to do with Trump?

I could be wrong, it’s happened before. Edit: maybe I’m misunderstanding the circumstances :man_shrugging:t3:

That settles it. And how was your Thanksgiving? :wink:

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What if you took the time, that you are using to troll :troll: and sat down to read The Constitution