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It’s a misconception that your gun is your best defense. Yes, a firearm is a fantastic equalizer and the correct way to defend yourself against a life-threatening attack. But what if the situation dictates something a step below deadly force? What if someone is aggressive — minus the deadly intent — and could be dissuaded by other means? How can other skills, such as physical fitness and first-aid training, play a part in facing a catastrophe?

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First and foremost I have taught my son always always try to walk alway first or calm things down without going to deadly force or physical if at all possible If that is not possible and pushed then first use the training I have taught him in hand to hand without going straight to deadly force that is always a last and final is made to have no choice


As A U S Marine, I taught this to all my kids… I have always felt that it should be mandatory for anyone who wants to take on all the responsibility’s of becoming a law enforcement officer should be required to have first been a veteran. I know as A Marine we had more marksmen ship responsibility training than most civilian officers get in a life time…

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I find it highly unlikely anyone that I would need to “protect my life” from due to an accidental bump or spilling of a drink would be interested in any apology I might have and have chosen to escalate to the point of me requiring to defend myself…with or without a firearm.