Beginners Category or topics in each category?


Happy Easter everyone! Looking for quick feedback - do we need a beginner category or just a beginner topic in the current categories?

My thinking is keeping the beginners in with everyone for the less separation and an easier transition as they become more experienced.

What are your thoughts?


Keep them with the main group, but this might be a place for our many acronyms I was talking about in another post.


I’m split on this - it can all be pretty intimidating if you’re new. I want beginners to have a clear path as to where to start, not to have to shop among the categories looking for ‘beginner’ threads (how would they identify them?) I don’t want them to feel segregated. I do want them to know they can mark themselves as beginners in some way so they know they’ll get gentle, helpful answers rather than “what, are you an idiot?” answers. WE know we don’t treat newbies that way, but they may well have had that experience elsewhere so THEY may not know that.
Some forums indicate seniority on the user’s ID but it usually means how much you’ve posted, not how much you know. Granted any level we declare our experience to be is our own opinion, but maybe that’s an alternate option.
If we had a place we could build a dictionary - terms and definitions, styles of shooting and descriptions, acronyms and their meaning - that might be a handy thing for beginners (and some of the rest of us). it could be a community-contributed wiki-thing.

We’ve got a couple new colts on our property, and they do a thing called “clacking” where they pull their lips back and clack their teeth when they meet new horses - it’s a behavior that says “I’m a baby, I don’t know all the rules yet, don’t hurt me”. I’m looking for something like that, along with some helpful information to get people started.

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First Happy Easter. And also HAPPY PASSOVER AS WELL. Now as far as having a separate category for beginners I don’t think that it would be a good thing. I’ve joined a few forums and none of them had a separate category for beginners or new people. And no one ever made any bad comments about new peoples comments that seemed wrong. And in some cases there were a few that did try to teach the new people on what they said was wrong or not correct. But did it as a teaching moment.


In a way I’d say yes, but we don’t seem to have that Facebook bashing syndrome going on. Let 'em be with the gray beards, you learn more that way. Just promote asking questions.


Maybe have it up and see if it gets used. Sometimes a questions seems like a beginner’s question but it sparks a great conversation.

I also agree we don’t have a bashing issue here but at the same time someone won’t know that


Keep them in general population. We seem to be doing pretty good at keeping the Facebook riffraff out of here. We are a pretty welcoming group. Also, HAPPY EASTER!


Being a relative newbie, I really don’t know that having a separate section is necessary. The inclusive atmosphere has been great for being able to ask questions in any thread and getting respectful answers that match the level of the question. I tend to read a lot of what is going on just to learn some of the lingo and what others are interested in. Even if a topic is out of my league, I still get exposed to things I may need to learn later and they sometimes challenge me to look into different areas of training.

If you were to do something different, maybe a “Beginner? Start Here!” Section that was fairly static with articles or videos from USCCA that addressed strategic topics like how to hold a pistol or revolver, holster options, types of ammo, legal considerations of owning/carrying a gun, etc. I have mixed emotions on this, thought, because USCCA already offers a lot of these types of materials and the community should be for discussing philosophies and ideas, asking for help, sharing stories, etc. and probably shouldn’t be the primary place to learn how to shoot.


I’d had a couple of people ask about a separate section and wanted to see what you all thought. I’m great with keeping everyone together - we can learn from each other, no matter what level of training we have.

Thanks for the feedback!


I prefer being grouped with everyone else. I’m new to carry but not guns.


Since we’re all supportive and respectful adults, I think we’re good all together.


Keeping the beginners in with the experienced creates not only a learning and teaching environment but also friendships. Personally I would rather be able to learn from those with experience because of the knowledge brought to the table. Not me, but somebody who is new and getting into the carry idea has the ability to learn from the mistakes of the experienced, different options such as gun, holster, ammo and position of carry can help a new person in their decision.


Yup. Kind of like when @Tim or @KevinM chime in. The rest of us can always learn from someone, unless they are Jerry Miculek Mas Ayoob. I don’t think the rest of us can teach those 2 anything. We would all be the students with them.


I’ve been lucky enough to train with @KevinM and Massad Ayoob. Completely different experiences - both amazing!


Every single person I meet can teach me something! Jerry Miculek taught me I could never shoot as fast as him. Mas Ayoob taught me countless elements… but you know what? A retired old cop once told me to never put my handcuffs on the back of my duty belt. A woman with three kids had great ideas for concealed carry with little ones around (you typically can’t have a baby and pistol on the same hip)… Everybody has something to say. We just need to sort out what works for us.