I have a broomstick on my 16" AR and I’m really not liking it very much. I use more of a c-grip when shooting and my left hand can’t take the heat when I start doing multi-target double-tap drills. I saw the BCM Gunfighter grip and though this would be a good replacement because it curves up a little and should give some additional protection.

Underlying question… would this be legal for an 8" AR pistol? It’s not far off from a broomstick type grip but it’s still kind of small at the same time. Anybody know? Here’s a link if you’re not familiar with what I’m referring to.

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Maybe your left hand is getting to hot because the KAG angled grip is to short. I am going to purchase a Magpul vertical fore grip for my AR15 the M&P Sport II, it’s much longer and you would probably be able to get a better grip. Also they sell those like hot cakes here in VA and I definitely would check the state laws where you reside just to confirm


I asked the same question once before:

I don’t think the regulations have changed since then.


Hey Johnnyq. I actually have a vertical grip on my 16" now. I like the c-grip with it which puts my left index finger on the handguard and it gets too hot. I was looking at the KAG because I think all of my fingers would be within that “cup” area and probably protected better. I should probably get some gloves, I just hate wearing gloves in-general especially when it’s 110-degrees outside. :smiley: I’m just not sure if I can mount that to my pistol or not.

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I think the BCM KAG is probably OK for a pistol but see @Craig6 's warning regards to ATF letters in that thread @Gary_H listed above. The “rules” are subject to change at a whim as we’ve seen recently, so definitely take every precaution to CYA.

Having said that, I’m wondering what part of your hand is getting hot? I shoot c-clamp-ish with both pistol and 16". When I feel heat its always at the top of the rail along the thumb or palm.

If your index finger is on the bottom of the rail, and you are feeling heat there, thats kinda weird since heat rises :crazy_face: It could be maybe the gas block is right there and conducting heat to that area? In that case you may just need to move your hand a few inches backwards or forwards to avoid that hotspot.

Also, if your rail is MLOK or Keymod, you can maybe get some rail covers which would help contain the heat.




So I bought one for my 16" and received it today. It’s really small. Compared to my vertical grip, it’s maybe 1/6 of the length. It’s really no different in height than an angled grip.

I really like it. It’s comfortable and I feel like it helps me pull the firearm into me better.