Battered woman shoots father of her child in self-defense. He gets out on


Soooooo much wrong with this picture :rage:

The man was arrested and is facing preliminary charges of domestic battery and unlawful vehicular invasion, the paper said, adding that he posted $10,000 bond.
But the woman — who’s not facing charges for the shooting — is facing a preliminary charge of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon for lack of a concealed carry license, the Herald & Review reported. She was being held in lieu of $75,000


A few years ago I spoke with a retired attorney for Cook County (currently deceased). He was the guy that the police would call up to determine whether to press charges on a defensive shooting, IIRC. He was against any civilians having firearms, but did not prosecute on certain defensive shooting scenarios which he was called in on.

He said that in IL (or maybe it was Cook County), the rule is to push the maximum punishment for any crime involving a firearm. I would assume that even if a self defense shooting was necessary, if any laws were broken in the incident by the shooter, they could expect having the maximum punishment for whatever they did wrong. I would assume things haven’t changed much since his time.