Awesome mag sleeve for Taurus

I’m kinda a big fellow at 6’7 and closer to 300 then I’d like which also means my hands are always an issue when finding a comfortable and effective way to everyday carry a compact but have the capacity of a full size.
We’ll not anymore! I ordered a very inexpensive sleeve for use w a Taurus G3’s 15 rnd mag in. Taurus G3c. With there being endless options it was really a shot in the dark and hope that I had picked the right item!
Nailed it! It’s offered in textured and non, it is perfectly sized to mate with the mag enough that install only needs the smallest pressure when putting it on, yet has enough that there is no concern about it becoming dislodged durung continuous fire mag change speed drills. The texture one I chose is spot on with enough to be effective but not so much as to irritate and/or possibly become a discomfort to the user.
In the pic’s I combined the factory sleeve for the G3’s 17rnd mag with this one which allows me to use the 17rnd mag with my G3c. The fit is so good that I just ordered a textured one to use w/the 17rnd mag in my G3c…
So I increased capacity by 5, I no longer have to bunch up my grip and tuck the pinky to keep on the grip and a bonus the extra length doesn’t change its profile in a concealed carry, carry.
Couple photos for visual aid!
If your also interested in info I’m waiting on the link to the sellers ebay store just get ahold of me and it’ll pass the link alkng.
Hope this helps someone that deals with this issue as well!



Looks nice, good luck. I never had good luck with extensions. They gave me a blood blister when doing mag changes.

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Is that the +3 extension for the 12rnd?

Just got my sleeve for the 17rnd

How do you like that grip slip on?

I have very large hands. The texture on the stock grip is pretty gritty. Maybe a bit much but really the sleeve with finger groove feels so much better shooting this one. Its a Houge that I ordered that specifically fits the G3c

I feel ya with the large hands. Using the 15rd mag on my G3c puts at about same grip as with my G3 and doesn’t change the concealed profile to notice. Now using the 17rd w/G3c makes it way off balance (it wants to dive at the muzzle) and make the concealed profile eat to noticeable.
I have a Veridian red dot that isn’t on atm because I’m trying to decide on which holster to get (not being able to try it before you buy it makes it difficult) as none are inexpensive.

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Hey would you mind shooting me a Pic of the “clinger” holster?

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Mine has a Mag extension but it doesn’t insrease the capacity