Athleticism is a crutch, not a requirement

I thought this was an interesting take on some “accepted” wisdom…

The Training Junkie Fallacy

Or How Presuming Everyone is a Young Athletic Male is Bad for the Self-defense Community
By Kjell Rosenberg MD

“Great-grandma doesn’t need MMA. She needs a handgun
she can control and good enough technique to hit what she wants.”


:+1:t4::+1:t4: Makes a lot of sense!

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I agree with the article. You don’t need to be the best of the best to keep yourself and your family safe in the vast majority of situations. I think the elitism of some of that crowd can discourage and turn off a lot more people than they inspire. A reasonable amount of training and practice within your own comfort range and physical abilities can go a long way.

Having said that I am starting one on one lessons with a Krav Maga instructor next week:) I have no illusions or urges of joining the elite training junkie crowd. Just investing in some improved physical capabilities for those times when I can’t have or can’t get to my firearm.


There is no such thing as “enough” to safeguard against any potentiality.

There also should be no shame in using your own limitations to define what are realistic objectives in personal safety preparation.


I knew some overweight cops on Nypd they were extremely proficient in their marksmanship skills. I asked one of them who are you chasing they laughed and said no one! I got friends for that. 17 of them lol.


Very well put. Ingrained safe handling practices and minute-of-bad guy accuracy at short range are quite sufficient for the majority of self-defenders. Practice these basics enough to make them automatic and then practice enough to maintain them. That’s most likely to be sufficient to defend against the average street thug. The vast majority of us will never have to face down elite military special ops units, drug cartel death squads, bio-engineered assassins, super soldiers, or rogue ninjas trained in the spirit of their ancestors.

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