A Coaches take on Self Defense

I’ve had a couple of nagging injuries from years of martial arts and fighting, so I go to a doctor and say, my left knee hurts, my right elbow hurts, my neck hurts…
The Dr. says, well the problem is you’re not the couch potato that I can tell to get up and do something, you’re the guy that does too much and won’t quit. So he says this is what we’ll do, for the next 4 weeks let’s go to 50% of the reps with 50% of the effort, that’ll reduce the impact on your body and give you a chance to heal. So, I go to the gym complaining to my coach about what the Dr. said, his response was classic and why I believe in and love this guy. He said “Well, looks like a great opportunity to work on basics and technique.”.


I have been learning this same lesson the past two years. It is hard for me to not put in a high level of effort, especially when I’m working out with or practicing against people 20 and 30 years younger than I am. But I need to accept that my body is not as resilient and springy as it used to be. It is better to let the youngsters I practice with think I am a little on the old and weak side then to spend all my days between training sessions sore and hobbled.

I just need to be more content with knowing that I can still turn up the volume if I really need to even if I have to make sure I don’t try to prove it to myself all that often.


Words of wisdom


Only 50% :grinning:


1/2 of a technique is aaaa better than no technique…? Damn now I’ll just have to look lazy at the gym.


I think being a little lazy at the gym beats sitting on the couch lifting your way through a six pack of Bud Light;) At least from a health and self defense preparedness point of view.