ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule

Every government does this from time to time. Flipping the felon switch by periodically making the legal illegal and legal illegal is just one more thing for tyrants and despots to get their jollies with.
It’s us useless eaters who have to pay the fees and do the time.
Just ask every family destroyed by prohibition, every employee at Slidefire, every soldier stationed around toxins, every Native American, every family affected by the Democrats great WWII internment scheme, the kids at Waco, the Weavers and soon enough everybody who lined up for the jab. Maybe, if you’re really lucky and penitent enough, your grandchildren will receive an official “oops, my bad” from the gov.


Just got back from a 3.5 hour session at the club, to see what appears to be good news on Guns and Gadgets.
Woke up to see the state idiots at the capital are defining insanity once again with their list of “commonsenseguncontrol” wishes, same as last year’s, and the year before.


Now I’m wagering on how long before some empty guvment “suit” hears about the Shockwave.

They’ll instantly go from dusty gun safe toy to weapon more dangerous than an F-15.


The only reason our government would want our guns is because they are planning to do something they would be shot for.
They just lost the bump stock ban and now they are at it again. They have to get past 5 legal precedents to make it stick and at last count there were 8 lawsuits.


I see a lot of focus on the stabilizing brace, but if I understand correctly, the new rule also includes optics. i.e. A pistol equipped with an optic could be defined as a short barreled rifle. Is that the case, or is that old info? It seems to me that this rule would affect even more pistol owners than the brace rule.


I think they are referring to a scope that requires a longer eye relief. Specifically an eye relief that would require a stock to keep you in the eye box.

A red dot, as an example, can be used without as much eye relief and therefore is more suitable for pistol use (in their estimation). They are thus considering a long eye relief scope to be a rifle optic, helping them further define a scope equipped pistol as an SBR.




Something you might want to think about. They stated you are a felon and they want you to send in the evidence.


The ban is supposed to go into effect 01-31-23.