ATF Expanding to Four New Branches

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MARTINSBURG, WV-( Recently AmmoLand News ran an article talking about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) plan to double in size. Now, due to a newly obtained internal document by AmmoLand News sources, we know part of the expansion plan.

Effective October 31, 2021, the ATF will be establishing four (4) new branches.

Biden ATF Forming Four New Branches 2021 Organization Chart

Biden ATF Forming Four New Branches 2021 Organization Chart

The new branches will be the Firearms Enforcement Officer Development Branch (FEODB) and three Field Response Branches (FRB). The newly announced additions will be part of the Firearms and Ammunitions Technology Division (FATD) and the Officer of Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS).

The FRBs will be broken up into three regions (east, central, west). Each FRB will be responsible for the administration, oversight, and management of the Firearms Enforcement Officer (FEO) Regional Field Response Program.

ATF Firearms Enforcement Officer (FEO) Regional Field Response Program Map

ATF Firearms Enforcement Officer (FEO) Regional Field Response Program Map

These new field offices with regional FEO are a departure from the current FEO setup. Right now, all FEOs work out of Martinsburg, WV. The new setup would have FEO permanently assigned to regional offices across the country. FEOs examine evidence in criminal and civil cases for FATD. For example, an FEO looked at the Rare Breed Trigger and determined it to be a machine gun.

The FEO will be a mix of current FEOs and new hires. The new employees will be assigned to one of seven hubs. The west branch will consist of hubs in Seattle, Denver, and Las Vegas. The east unit will include offices in Chicago, Kansas City, and Dallas. The final hubs will be in the east and consist of Atlanta and Martinsburg. Dallas will be the first hub to roll out during the second quarter of 2022.

The ATF says it needs regional hubs to assist in “identifying criminal firearms and ammunition violations within a field division or office.” The Bureau also states that FEO will now be able to provide scene assistance for when the ATF executes a search warrant in a timely manner.

The ATF says the new setup will save the government money!? When has more government ever saved taxpayers money?

According to the document, one regional FEO cost the government $21,5000 per FEO per year, minus a leased vehicle, travel cost, and TDY expenses. An FEO at Martinsburg cost the ATF $30,500, with travel cost added into the equation. The cost model with all costs for the pilot programs shows that each FEO will cost the government $104,316 per FEO for one year, which is significantly higher than $30,500. None of these costs include the salaries of the FEOs.

The FEO Development Branch will be set up to help new FEOs in the field offices navigate the training. They will also provide the “administrative function and efficient management of the FEO Professional Career Training Plan” of the new offices.

The ATF list the disadvantages of the change as “none.” What is concerning is the ATF uses the base cost per regional FEO with no expenses included and includes expenses when looking at the yearly cost for an FEO at Martinsburg. When all cost is calculated, the regional FEO assignment is significantly more expensive than having all the FEOs under one roof. That isn’t even considering the cost of all the new employees needed to support the new regional FEOs, including the employees required to run the new Developmental Branch. And all for what purpose, but for increased harassment by an unconstitutional government agency.

This leak shows a significant expansion of the ATF. AmmoLand News will continue to monitor the ATF’s growth trajectory.

View the full document here:

Biden ATF Forming Four New Branches 2021 Organization Chart Brief ATF B 1030.207


Frightening but not surprising. If you can’t just squash the 2nd Amendment you have to do things like this. Put more resources in more places with more, segmented, power. You do it in the dark of night without letting the public know. This is the America we have today, those musty dusty old documents called The Constitution of The United States and the Bill of Rights are simply place holder that are to be stepped on, over or around to achieve one sides agenda.


Bureaucracies are like viruses, they inherently self-reproduce and self-serve.


Some people just have to gave someone down the road! And it looks like it’s the ATF today. And their Job is not to infringement on peoples right. And to pay 200.00 dollars for a tax stamp to get a silencer is fair, what’s not fair is price of a silencer, they start at $500.00 dollars and up. And who needs a Machine gun or a handgun that is a Machine Gun. The only thing your going to do is but your AR15 are Handgun to and early grave as you melt it down. Unless you want to become a Mass Shooter. That’s all I’m going to say, I’ll not write a two page report.

Huh? Please repost in understandable composition. For example, fare is not the same as fair. Maybe it’s just me, but I have no idea what you are trying to say.


I’m thinking a bot operative has entered the discussion; that might be the best version you get of that paragraph. It appears to have all the indicators: govt. is fair price, but capitalist price isn’t; you don’t need a machine gun; your AR will eventually be melted down; and so on. Time to ignore any post by that one, unless it’s just for a good laugh.


The ATF won’t melt down your AR 15 you will, if you make it full auto. It was not made for that rate of fire. And a tax stamp is $200.00 dollars to own a silencer. But the price for a silencer, dose start at $500.00 dollars and goes up to over $1000.00 dollars for and AR 15. And I paid $800.00 dollars for my AR 15 and to think about putting a silencer on it will coast as much as I paid for my AR 15. To high of a price for me. $500.00 dollars for a silencer, plus $200.00 for the tax stamp. PS so I misspell a word. Have a great day and long life.

Hey @Larry4, thank you for a cordial response :+1:

I apologize if English is not your native language, but there was more than one misspelled word in your original post. The grammatical composition was confusing enough that what you were trying to convey was completely lost for anyone else reading it. All I am saying is don’t stop posting, but consider the reader’s perspective so they will understand and discuss your perspective.

Edit: I don’t think the $200 tax stamp is fair at all for a suppressor. Just like you, many people that want one can’t afford a suppressor today. Without the $200 tax stamp many more would purchase suppressors, and with a higher volume the cost of suppressors would come down.


I’m 68 years old, and I have heard that the Government, ATF, FEMA and you name it, would like to take away are 2nd rights as long as I can remember. But it all comes from the NRA, USCCA and all the other groups out their. And what do they want: I will tell you, send us $10.00 dollars $25.00 dollars and the list goes on, and I have seen some go as high $1000.00 dollars to protect are 2nd right, And buy the why, if you send us the money, you’ll be enter to get a fun Handgun are a Grand Prize worth $20,000.00 dollars, but no one wins the Prize. They just want your money so they can go out buy a new Gun. PS: I hope you can read this, I only have a GED. And ATF Expanding to Four New Branches, I could care less. PSS try reading between the lines. I forget one thing: Have a great day and long LIFE !


Actually, having done continuous FA mag dumps to the tune of over 2000 rounds I will tell you the AR will not melt but that barrel WILL be cherry red and apple blossom white in color. We popped the pins on the upper and dumped it in the sand pile and did it with another upper. No damage to the lower.

I dunno too many folks that can test that theory other than Uncle Sugar and he was the one that paid me to do it. After about 6 mags 3 MOA accuracy went to he!! and after about 12 mags it was a shot gun, beyond that it was just a bullet hose.




The Lower was only thing, that you can still use, I seen AR 15 S&W MP 2.0 sport go throw 800 rounds full auto and lets just say it was done for. PS: the lower was still good. I would not want to make my AR15 into full auto because I paid $800.00 dollars for my AR 15 S&W MP 2.0 sport and that was the AR they used for the test. Have a great day and a long life. ( your right it may not melt down, but upper is done for and you know that ) Craig6 it was nice someone knows what I’m talking about.

@Craig6, follow up questions, I am presuming the upper reciever was not damaged as well? Also, did the overheated barrels return to normal MOA performance after they cooled back down?

heat that causes the barrel to change color often ruins the barrel… so even after it cooled down the accuracy of the barrel would be in question and one would need to test it for said accuracy… or replace it?

one forms steel and other metals using heat… get hot enough and the properties change…

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@Gary_H the barrels were 14.5" SOCOM tubes with KAC M-37 hand guards and some no name POS bipod. IIRC one of them had the bolt stuck(welded) in the closed position as the last thing we did was to run the bolt home to get the upper off. The other one was missing areas of lands. So the tube was literally “shot out”. I doubt seriously that either tube would have been worth a beg if they could have been fired again. There was some purpose behind what we were doing but for the life of me I don’t know what it was. 4000 rounds of as fast as you/it can go gets old after about the 10th magazine. In all my years playing the game I think there were only a hand full of times where I was thank full for the fun switch.



The NFA in 1934 created the tax stamp for suppressors. When it was enacted $200 in 1934 was like $4000 today. Fortunately for one purchasing a suppressor today $200 because of inflation is somewhat affordable. Back in 1934 $200 was enough to prevent many from purchasing a suppressor.

Paying for a Right is nonsense. Waiting to exercise that right is ridiculous. "A right delayed is a right denied.

Retired or not, as a Fed LEO myself, I won’t defend the NFA one bit.

Stay safe.