As we get older... but not that old!

As we get older, we need to adapt our training to make sure we continue to be at the top of our game.

Here are some eye exercises that can help any shooter - no matter what age.

What other adaptations have you made to your training as you’ve gotten older and wiser?


These are going to come in handy.


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I had to learn to shoot well without a clear sight picture.

I no longer focus on the sights at all, just try to pickup the FS as I’m coming up with the gun and bring it on target.

I seriously thought about getting some bifocal shooting glasses made but then what are the chances I’d have them on if/when I get into a defensive encounter? Somewhere between slim and none.

I’m real big on keeping my training as realistic as possible.


I’m with you on that, @Wildrose! Train the way you may need to use your training - unfortunately that may mean without the best sight picture from blurred vision, dimly-lit conditions, and high stress.

My thinking exactly, WildRose, concerning the special shooting glasses.

“Begin as you mean to continue” is an adage that has served me well over the years. I train with only what I usually have, meaning weapon, holster, clothing, etc… For self defense, training with special gear which isn’t usually worn or carried is a good way to prepare to be unprepared.


“Don’t apologize…do better!”


I went with a pair of SSP eyewear bottom bifocals - have to say they’re amazing. I do have their top focals for the range, but the bottom focals I wear everyday when I don’t pop a contact in my left eye.

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