As A Sub-Tier: Can We Have An Honest Conversation About This:

Other Entities That Add Fodder For The Threat To Our Gun Rights

When I was an incompetent piece of flesh stumbling through life due to the incomplete development of the frontal lobe, I used to do things that were considered (at that time) “Youthful Exuberance.” Little pesky things like, getting drunk, or getting into bar fights, or just being cocky. But as I developed, I stopped doing pecky things, maybe because I was maturing, or because I had a family at a young age. But at 25, I began to see things differently, I was more grown up, and I began to act more responsibly. With this scenario, it was probably youth exuberance that led that employee out of his place of business (he should never have left), but it’s apparent the driver or customer had nefarious intentions all along.

I learned in the military (who essentially raised me) that “the only entity that screws a GI was another Gi.” So, integrity became my central focus. I wanted to ensure that I was not a problem in this connection. Here’s where I’m going with this: As we are all concerned about our Gun Rights being sniped or stripped, there is still an undercurrent that is doing everything possible to frustrate our arguments, such as things as are reported in the news. It doesn’t help. What can we suggest? How do we curb it? What input can we give? How do we influence it? Or, how can we impact the situation to change the narrative? Remember, it’s easy to holler from the sidelines and from the rafters, but it’s another to put our foot in the road and do something constructively to aid in bolstering our arguments. And I’m not speaking of any actions that leads to violent outcomes, either. Let me make that clear!


Maybe he would have gotten his corn if it wasn’t in his gas tank…


Kentucky Fried Chicken
St. Louis Metropolitan Police
Washington Examiner
Miami Herald

I’m glad my phone has gps.

Employee who got shot made mistake no. 1.

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I am not crrtain what it is you are asking.

As individuals, our opinions weigh almost nothing, and our chance to express them is near nil. Best chance we have to keep our rights is by donating to organizations like GOA, JPFO, NRA, which are a form of collective defence against hoplophobes and the loss of our rights.


I am not certain either.

People make bad decisions, people make confrontational decisions, I don’t know how much I can typically influence the future decisions of others in this regard.


If you knew that there was an endeavor that you attempting to manifest, but you were also aware that something on the fringes was hindering others from taking your endeavor serious, how would you police it?

Concomitant to financial support what input would provide along with your financial support to spur thought to the matter at hand or endeavors to bring the change you seek?

You police criminals with police. Arrest, convict, imprison. Giving up your rights and means of saving your life are not an answer here, it is a trap.

You can evangelize these organizations among your family and friends. Casual conversations can carry.

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Respectfully, I don’t follow: I’m speaking to a group or a community of like-minded people via this platform about what can possibly be added to influence a change of thought, in helping to preclude some of the senselessness which occurs (which you’ve already alluded to some, the usual; that notwithstanding, but in addition to it? You suggest “it is a trap;” how so? I mean, I didn’t see that coming.

Learning how to argue our point with out malice, insult and getting emotional would be a start. We are the sheep dogs and the sheep we are protecting are afraid of us. My goal which goes against nature is to be accepted by them and to accept them. Saving a life is saving a life and I will do everything in my power.

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It would be easier for me to understand what you are asking if you gave an example of that which you are seeking.

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There really is not much you can do with the public at large.
You can try to influence those around you with open dialogue and listening.
Don’t get into arguments but try to guide people to a better way.
They will either listen to you as well, or remain stubborn with their views. You can’t force someone to change their mind about anything.
However if you know someone who flies off the handle at the drop of a hat, you can show them there are other ways of dealing with things that don’t go their way besides getting angry or violent.
Outside of that there is not much a single person can do.


Fatalistically, not a thing, game over!
Or we can play their game, and consider every negative statement towards gun ownership as “hate speech” and start hiring lawyers en masse! Class action suits! Bog them down!
Then shove the barrel down their throat and stop the threat! Call it teen angst, youthful exuberance or a RIGHT THAT SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

And don’t run out of corn!


I don’t know what this means.

What endeavor am I attempting to manifest?

I as a private citizen don’t think I have business policing the actions of others, but, without knowing what you are referring to I don’t really know what you mean by “police it”

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Is it true that every one of us know how to contact our legislative representatives? If ‘you’ (since it was said, “we are just individuals”) do know how to contact them; do you? And if you do, what is that conversation (as it pertains)? If the conversation is “leave our gun rights alone,” but in the midst that argument people are still committing crime with guns, then how do you craft your conversation with your legislative representative so that they can go forward with it? What food for thought have you given, or do you give them or could give them, along with, “leave our gun rights alone?” And of course, the legislative avenue would be only one way, on a national or even a state level…

But what about locally, on a city and/or community level? What conversation can we have that would better inform people’s behavior (adult, young adult and even youth with parental consent) toward guns, i.e., use, care, responsibility, etc.?

I believe in education, and I refuse to give up on education. But the crux of what I have been trying to ascertain is what can ‘we do’ to help curb senseless gun violence, opposed to just staying strapped, and minding our own business, and just letting things go? And I’m not referring to anything political right now. How can we reach our neighbor? Our neighbor’s youth? Our schools that capture the majority of our youths’ time?

How can legislatures legislate right behavior?
How can courts adjudge right behavior?
How can Law Enforcement arrest right behavior?

If you saw a kid you knew, knew where he come from, knew what his family was about, and watched him grow, and then you saw him turn and start to exhibit miscreant behavior; how would you try to help him or her? Because chances are he or she knows others that may be in the same situation, so if you could, how would you try to help them from becoming a statistic, or worse? Heaven, forbid they end up in your home. Because it will probably be “all she wrote” for somebody. Now with all that I’ve stated, now expand it exponentially. That’s what I’m asking.

I get that some of us grew up with guns. For some, guns are as common as having a dog, especially a good hunting or bird dog. But not all grew up with guns, and a great many that neither developed a temperament or knowledge or skill have allowed them to become extensions of their emotions. And tragically for some, it may be…well… you get the message here.

It’s just a conversation… I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence or be deep, or pontificating. I want to earnestly know what you think can be done, beyond…

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Surely, you dont suggest that we, lawful gun owners, can somehow influence criminals and mentally unhinged to stop them from acting out criminally?

Surely, you dont suggest that giving away some of our rights (like, agreeing to “assault weapon” ban or foregoing due process in “Red flags laws”) will appease the anti-2A crowd?

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No, I aint. The are a few reasons, but suffice it to say, the “sheep” have nothing to fear from me, I would not interrupt their dialog with a hungry wolf.

To answer the first part of your question-yes
To answer the second part- no or we won’t be able to do the first.