As A Sub-Tier: Can We Have An Honest Conversation About This:

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but in the midst that argument people are still committing crime with guns, then how do you craft your conversation with your legislative representative so that they can go forward with it? [/quote]

No gun control laws yet proposed, or passed, reduce crime.

I would craft the conversation based on the specific law being proposed, but the above is the bottom line.

Which gun control law would you, for purposes of discussion, like to propose and have us craft an argument against? You should probably start by crafting an argument for said gun control, since no laws restricting anything should even be proposed unless there is an articuable reason for them in the first place

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The way a take that is; if you saw someone shooting innocent people you would let them kill if they weren’t trying to defend themselves. Is that the way you mean it?

That is a lot of questions. I don’t know where to start. Generally when I have that many questions I have a few bears and they go away. I think they are all good questions but maybe two or three at a time you might get a better response.

Hart Senate Building has been my most dialed number for 2 years. Both of my Senators and my Congressman staff’s know me. I’ve even talked with the newly elected Senator Katey Britt, who is taking the Senate seat of retiring Senator Richard Shelby

Polite, but direct. I make sure of my facts and what bill # and what it is about.

I’m the point of contact between several pro 2A groups, again I am polite, but direct and make sure of the facts.

Parents and young adults I don’t really have to teach. Alabama is far and away the highest percentage of CCW
35% of the eligible adults in Alabama have CCW permits. During the summer, almost every county has some sort of fair or festival and usually we set up a booth with Nerf guns and we will hand out coloring books based off of the 4 rules of gun safety. When they turn them in, we do a drawing and give away $20 1st place, $10 2nd place, and $5 3rd place. Then we will double it if they can repeat the 4 rule’s. Parents are usually happy that their kids are being entertained and we sell raffle tickets for a free handgun (that’s donated by some of our members who own FFL’s) and yes they have to get a background check.

We usually ask an elementary or middle school if we can come in and talk about the historical context of Lexington and Concord (the Appleseed Project). It’s not perfect, but the Appleseed Project sponsors a shooting event (we will then have a 1-1 ratio of instructors/participants. We again will talk about safety and the 4 basic rules of gun ownership. You would be surprised by how many schools will allow you to come in and talk about Lexington and Concord.



Interesting general topic with such a variety of answers or thoughts.

On contacting legislators, I do it regularly. Honestly the more opinions that are voiced the more they may listen. Be respectful and organized with your letter or e mail. Back up your thoughts with verifiable information. Attend local political events. It starts at that level.

My nephew, a police officer attempted to start a program for dealing with the police for 9th. thru 12 th grades. It was outright rejected because they were afraid it may offend some of the children.

This might sound funny but if you look maybe hard or unapproachable then do the unexpected. Hold the doors for the old ladies, grab a package that someone can’t get. Simple stuff can change a persons bad day. It may not be stopping a mass shooter, but it may change an overstressed persons aggressiveness or reckless behavior.

Many people are having monetary difficulty’s. The economy is terrible, gas prices are thru the roof so stress levels are high. People may do something they may not normally do. If you can see it, maybe you can change their day. I knew a toll collector on the NJ Tpk who could change your ■■■■ day into a bright one. I use to laugh when his booth was full of flowered that woman had gave him. Maybe we can change one person at a time.


Then you’ve “done something.” Don’t discount the value of it.

As it has been said, “start where “you” are, and move upward. The trail you leave will justify your argument. But if you do nothing, then your argument becomes a cacophony, and the regard for it will become unintelligible to them whom you want to listen.”"


I agree with Col.Jeff Cooper’s quote that a criminal must be taught to fear his victim. I was responding to a proposition, perhaps I understood it wrong, that gun owners could reach out to folks considering a crime and gently calm their nerves or direct them to productive life, maybe donate a few bucks to help them not rob passers by.


If I saw a mass shooting, Heavens forbid, I would move away from the shooter if I physically could, and regardless of what others were doing.


I respect your decision. I thought you were meaning you wouldn’t defend them because they were sheep.
Sorry I got triggered.

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No problem. I view shooting attacks differently from an injury accident or a house fire. For the former, I have no heroic aspirations, no badge and no qualified immunity.
Though, even if you drag someone from a burning car, they can sue you later. It happened.


I’ve always pointed this out. Alabama has a “Good Samaritan” law. Which is why I am willing to pull over at a car wreck and help “treat” any injured until Paramedic’s get on scene. If that law was not in effect, there would, most likely, be a couple of dozen people who would not have received the care that I have provided, even though I know I am the most highly trained @ the scene. It’s a risk vs reward situation.

This is something that is crucial to understand. You can have the best of intentions, and irrevocably ruin someone’s life if you don’t know what you are doing. I have had to literally stop people at an accident from moving someone involved in an accident, because they have not established proper C Spine control and yeah I’ve had to do it when a car was on fire. (Pro tip: keep a fire extinguisher in your car).

If you move someone without proper C Spine control you can paralyze someone for life. It’s why I keep 2 different Cervical Collars in my Car IFAK.