Armed defense far outweighs

wasn’t sure if this went here but didn’t really know


Shhhh, we’re not supposed to know this. seriously, I have noticed that there are more stories of armed citizens stopping criminal shootings lately. But then I only read and listen to conservative news.


Sooo… where is the rest of the report?

First sweeping federal gun crime report in 20 years released (


A good speech.

‘We Need to Get Our Numbers Up’: Boebert Complains Americans Own a Mere 46% of All Guns in the World (


Never let the truth get in the way of a good story - Mark Twain


120 guns for every 100 citizens doesn’t mean every citizen owns a gun and some own two. Most gun owners I know own between 5 to 10. And I know there are some who own more than that. I agree with Boebert, we need to get our numbers up. An armed society is a polite society. People on this forum are polite and respectful to each other. Well mostly. IF I were a thug I wouldn’t victimize a person that I knew could protect themself. I think as someone said before, if you are anti-gun you need to put a sign on your front door “gun free zone”.


More like duct taped across their mouths, so we can see them coming from a long way off!

IF I were a thug I wouldn’t victimize a person that I knew could protect themself.

The fun part is they are victimizing people that they don’t “think” are armed. That’s the way I like it. They seem to like surprises. Me too, FAFO!

I agree more good “citizens” of the United States need to be armed. If we are not careful, like Ukraine, the government might start handing out AR15’s in an effort to save their a$$es!

I’m not saving any left wing radicals, I’ll use them as food, fuel or bait!
WHAT? I’m supposed to save an ANTI-GUNNER, with my gun, LMAO!

It’s too late anyway, the country is lost, it’s run buy an unstable crime family and given away, literally, all our resources to the enemy.
If that’s not treason I don’t know what is!


hey that wasn’t directed at me was it? joking :grin:
on a serious note you are correct about thugs would pass on someone if they knew they were armed. I’ve seen it happen before. :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:


I will assume that you do not know me, and since my unfortunate boating accident, I am not one of those. :sunglasses:

They typically do not, but sometimes their stupity gets the best of them - why we need to be prepared.


you too! I had just taken my guns on 3 hr tour when a storm came up. I was lucky to survive.
but alas I lost everything, even my inflatable row boat :frowning_face: :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:


Who discusses how many guns they own with others? I don’t believe in show and tell with anybody. Even my best friend is better off if he doesn’t know how many guns I may or may not own.

OTOH, I was at the local gun club range and a guy I never met before went into great detail how he had the parts to turn his M-1 carbine into fully automatic. He didn’t know me from the resident ATF agent. Luckily for him I was off duty that day (smiling). Sheesh! Some people just beg to be put in prison. Nobody but you should know how many guns you own.


And yet we have a “show us your guns” thread. I will admit I like to show some of what I have. Kind of like showing off your new car and bragging about it to your neighbor.


I guess I am marching to a different drummer. In my 70 years of driving I have owned quite a few new vehicles and have never “shown them off” to anyone. My vehicle is just a means of getting from here to there. It is not me. Things I own are not me and that would include any firearm I might happen own. Guess we have a different outlook.


Don’t take this personally, because I agree somewhat. The only way someone, other than family and friends, knows I have a gun is to FAFO!

And she’s my means to a baby!

You mean to tell me, not once, did you sit a little bit taller in each new vehicle you purchased? I used to sell cars. That car is you! It says a lot about you. You chose the color, the make and the model and the payment!

Absolutely, when the new car smell wears off, I’m slumping back into my seat screaming at the guy in front of me to get moving, so I can get to work!
You wash it, you feed it, you may even get angry at it! That’s love, baby!

Again you’re right if this were my car, I wouldn’t show it off either!
But we did when we bought it!

All the way to here…


But the one thing this blu car says about me, is I don’t have to work!

IF, and that’s a big IF, that was my car, I’d be showing it off to every Tom, Dick and Harry in my zip code!