Another articule that proves what we are about!

Enough said!


The government wants to be the only ones with guns so they can be the only ones that get credit. This is just another segment of the “you need government to take care of you” tyranny. The truth is the opposite. Government needs citizens more than citizens need government.


Does that honestly surprise you ?

That is exactly why I carry concealed and why I pay USCCA for representation and since I carry 24/7 and the way I carry does not print I dont pay attention to any NO WEAPONS ZONES and as in my Confrontation in Wa. State,if caught be expecting to be charged with BRANDISHING by a DA looking for more convictions when elections are coming up,but the USCCA Atty supplied Atty shot that down and the judge asked me if I was Brandishing and I replied no sir,I was DEADLY SERIOUS and The DA dropped all charges on the fact the Jury would rule SD in the case,so if they dont wand you going into an area,i dont pay any attention to it,and if they do,I dont go in there like Court houses and the VA I put my weapon In a lock box

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Gun-Free Zone laws need to be changed to read Gun-Free Zone excluding concealed license carriers.


They just need to go away - entirely.