Armed Citizens Stop Carjackers crime and shooting rampage

TUMWATER, WASHINGTON — A man is dead and his victims alive because of the quick-thinking efforts of two concealed carriers who happened to be in the area of his rampage.


Ok, so this guy is a convicted felon and domestic abuser… both disqualification from buying a firearm… and he had a gun. Now we all know that can’t happen because there are laws that prevent it.

Then he shoots a kid, carjacks a car, critically shoots another man, attempts more carjackings, shoots at other people… meanwhile the cops can’t find him.

And the concealed carriers who put a stop to all that can’t be USCCA menbers because its “murder insurance” !?!?!

WHAT is WRONG with the legislators and government in Washington!!! :rage:

They’re walking around HUA?

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