Arkansas - Stand Your Ground

NRA-ILA | NRA-Backed Stand Your Ground Legislation Introduced in Arkansas

@Sheepdog556 @Harvey11 and all other Arkansans


It’d be nice to have it cleared up. It took them long enough to clear up the open carry debacle.


One step closer!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – An Arkansas Senate panel has advanced legislation loosening restrictions on the use of deadly force in self-defense, two years after failing before the same committee. The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed the proposal that would remove the state’s duty to retreat before using deadly force in certain circumstances. The measure now heads to the majority-Republican Senate. The proposal failed before the same committee two years ago but was widely expected to win approval Wednesday, with five of the bill’s sponsors holding seats on the eight-person panel.

Online records indicate SB24 sponsored by Sen. Bob Ballinger of Ozark has 27 cosponsors, including Sen. Scott Flippo of Bull Shoals and Sen. Missy Irvin of Mountain View.


Good!!! Now more than ever in our lifetime state laws will be paramount. So far I’m happy with local government and mostly state. Wouldn’t mind a change in the governor mansion. Maybe a Huckabee will run…

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i saw this on the news…great news for you folks!!! hope it goes all the way thru…Idaho is working on something similar…


I live in Missouri, very close to the Arkansas border, so I’m in and out of both states frequently. It would be nice if Arkansas changed their stand your ground law to be more like ours. I could literally be in a confrontation that occurred in both states at the same time. That could be a mess.

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