Ohio Stand your ground law


Beat me to posting it. Very good news for us here in Ohio


Oops! :joy: :laughing:
Most states have Stand Your Ground laws already, so it’s about time for Ohio.


As a neighbor of ohio, I’m glad to hear it. Big win for ohio!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::clap:

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It’s amazing Gov Dewine had a change of heart. He bashed the law and said he was going to veto it.

This is very good news as I am about to move back to Ohio after my 40 years of stint of working as IT in Colorado! We lived in Ohio till after college we had to live in Colorado due to work! Now that I am retired and we are having our house being built in Ohio and will move there late fall! I lived in Colorado and have carried my CC weapon for about 15 years! Colorado is okay with guns but a bit too Democratic and rather live in a strong Republican state, we hope that Ohio will stay strong and let me know otherwise! Thanks!