Arizona “No gun sign”

In AZ the proprietor of a business can have a no gun sign that must be honored but they must provide secure storage/locker. My question is if there is no visible locker what must be done to comply with the law?

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I live in Arizona. And I haven’t heard of this law. And I also haven’t seen lockers to store guns in either in businesses that have NO GUN SIGNS in them either. If I have my gun on and they see me come in. They ask me to leave or ask me to leave my gun in my car. But I haven’t seen anything about them having to supply lockers to put them while doing business in the business.


I find it confusing. If cc they won’t know you are packing. If they have a sign, law says comply but they must provide locker… So do you inform them and ask for the locker?? First choice is go somewhere else of course. When any establishment could throw up a sign at anytime you could find yourself cc and if they have no locker without an alternative. Thanks for weighing in btw.

13-3102.01. Storage of deadly weapons; definitions

A. If an operator of a public establishment or a sponsor of a public event requests that a person carrying a deadly weapon remove the weapon, the operator or sponsor shall provide temporary and secure storage. The storage shall be readily accessible on entry into the establishment or event and allow for the immediate retrieval of the weapon on exit from the establishment or event.


Wow! Of course, guv’ment passing the buck.

I am pretty sure the law you are referencing only applies to properties owned by the state of AZ or its counties or cities. It was designed primarily to force public buildings like non federal courthouses, town offices, etc. to either let you carry or provide a safe place to leave your firearm.

The text above was copied directly from the law and doesn’t differentiate between the local grocery store and the county courthouse the way I read it. I have heard for years that all “no gun” establishments must provide storage. I try to just shop somewhere else but recently went to a Whole Foods with a sign for the first and only time. Like to hear some legal Eagle on this one.

From house bill 2320 which amends SECTION 13-3102 that I believe you are referencing:

26 2. “Public establishment” means a structure, vehicle or craft that is
27 owned, leased or operated by this state or a political subdivision of this
28 state.
29 3. “Public event” means a specifically named or sponsored event of
30 limited duration that is either conducted by a public entity or conducted by
31 a private entity with a permit or license granted by a public entity. Public
32 event does not include an unsponsored gathering of people in a public place.

I have never heard of this rule applying to private businesses in AZ.

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That makes more sense. So I guess all you can do if you see the sign is to turn around and walk away.

I believe that if you are asked to leave a posted property and you refuse to do so you would be guilty of trespassing under AZ law.

been thinkin…

seems to me if a business requires you to disarm…

they should be held accountable for your safety from that moment on… until you rearm and leave the premise…

have seen other say that… think it makes perfect sense…

how about when someone tries to pass laws that disarm folks…

the reply is… for those that choose to use that law against their customers…

they shall be held/bear legally accountable for the safety of all people entering their business or where ever…

and take a page from the left… financially also…

is there a way to make the politicians that wrote, sponsored, and voted for such laws accountable???

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I’m with you. If you won’t let me protect myself you sure as hell better step up. Not sure that has been to a court or not. NGZ who IS responsible??

I used to drive a truck and I was in Arizona and my wife was with me. We had a load the delivered somewhere up north on the west coast and we stopped at this small diner out in the middle of nowhere and there were 2 or 3 cars but maybe 15 or 20 horses tied to a hitching rail in front. We went in and above the cashiers station was a sign that read " everyone but peace officers must check guns". I knew it was in a place I could love. this was back in the early 80"s.