Arizona Attorney General signing letters of support for magazine and ammo restrictions

AZ is probably just getting taken over by all the libs in Phoenix. I’ve been to a couple small towns in AZ (I live in NV) and it’s very GOP and obviously GOP). With so much illegal immigration coming over the border I’d imagine the Dems are letting them vote somehow. The 2024 election is going to be scary for this country.


I can’t speak to what happened in other areas but the Republican controlled legislature did a big investigation on the voting in Maricopa County and I believe they found Trump got a few less votes than were originally counted. So if there was voting fraud there then it would seem the Republicans investigating it were either too inept to figure it out or were corruptly in on the fraud themselves. Either one of those seems plausible to me as does Trump actually loosing there given how more urban areas tend to lean liberal and liberal leaning voters seemed very motivated to show up and vote against Trump.

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I moved to AZ 5 years ago from California and started carrying for the first time in my life.
There are many Conservative/Libertarians in California looking for a way out but are stuck there because of family or jobs.
I couldn’t believe the level of Banana Republic style voter interference that happened in Maricopa during the last election.
The fact that the person in charge of the election was also running for office should have raised all the alarm bells.
If AZ permanently flips Democrat, we’ll lose all our freedoms and I’ll move out of the State. No way I’m living through another 20 years of California style Democrat Hell.


The entire west coast is being disarmed. Think “The Man In The High Castle”. Only instead of Japan and Germany, it will be China and Russia.

Chinese money floods our country via the DNC and all the Anti Gun groups. If they were audited you would find China’s wallet at work