Colorado Group Asks Governor to Ban ALL Guns

This made the news recently. Even Governor Polis recognized that such an order would be unconstitutional …

Colorado Democrats admit they want to take your guns | Washington Examiner


I think this is a good reflection of how politics have shifted in a short amount of time. Not so long ago, we all suspected (knew) that the ultimate goal was to ban firearms. But mainstream politicians would always deny this, even as they pushed for more and more gun control. President Obama could coolly push for increasingly severe “common-sense” (his term) gun control, and in the next breath mock those crazy conspiracy nuts who cling to their bibles and their guns and think he’s trying to take their guns away.

Maybe Beto was the crack in the dam when he proudly admitted he was going to ban AR-15s. He’s a perpetual loser in politics, but some folks mistake him for a rock star.

Now there’s a pretty sizable group that openly calls for bans on firearms, either popular models or all guns. Perhaps it’s a political shift? Or a sign of the growing rift between right and left? Who knows, maybe it’s more a symptom of internet echo chambers; people simply have no idea how crazy they sound because all their online friends think they’re normal.


But all my online friends are normal. :rofl:

Seriously though, I read the article and I am thinking to myself “What a load of bullsh…um…I mean…manure.” FYI - not really what I thought. Edited for content.

Should something like this actually happen, I can see open civil war erupting between “US and THEM” Even my loving Wife, the holistic healing everything natural Earth Hippie Witch she is, has 3 weapons in our arsenal. She sees the need for us to have them, to know how to use them. I pity the fool who gets on her wrong side. They will get hit from natural and unnatural forces.


Lest we forget, “There is no way in hell the Government will lock us out of our businesses” or “It’ unconstitutional to force American Citizens to get health (Vaccinations) care they don’t need”.
So to me it looks like with a little pressure from the right group they could very well implement some ridiculousness like this, I suspect they would probably achieve a similar level of success that would probably last about as long as the support for lock downs and Vac’s did.


According to the Denver Post, there were more than 1,000 people who participated in the protest in front of the Governor’s office and pledged to sit in until he signed the executive order.

In my view, the argument to ban or significant limit firearms ownership is the same “security trumps all Constitutional rights” argument that makes people line up for a warrantless search at airports or agree to close their businesses and hide from COVID in their homes or behind government mask mandates.

Recall that Colorado was one of the first states to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana contrary to federal law. Polis is probably on the short list of Presidential candidates should Biden drop out and what better way to garner national attention and support from the radical Democrat base than to take some screwball action on guns.

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Love it when they reveal their ultimate goal.

Hello, 1776 :us: happened :bangbang:


But in the meantime, Colorado firearms owners have the property confiscated or become felons.


Don’t forget that news is no longer news and more closely resembles propaganda. One purpose of propaganda is to make a battle look lost and over before it’s even been fought.

That is to say that we know how proficient they are at presenting “protestors” ( paid protestors ) who either slander a cause, or appear to support it, and the media does the rest with reporting, misleading statements, and clever camera angles.

Remember also that no matter the unprecedented damage of corporate woke policy, the response to the damage is simply to double down,

I think they are in their all or nothing push, the offensive you either win at any cost or, well, you just win, at any cost.

I see “some group” out calling for a total ban, as more of a chess move on a chess board simply setting the groundwork to excuse a move they have already chosen to make, all that remains is the when and where and the how of it.

I could be wrong, and I hope that I am, but the history of how they have gone about things would seem to be consistent with the sense I have of it.

If they can convince you that the battle is already lost, then it will be, because you will never engage in the struggle in the first place.


DJT (Truth Social):us: “Wow, this is turning out to be the greatest & most vicious instance of ELECTION INTERFERENCE in the history of our Country. Remember, I’m leading DeSanctimonious BIG in the Polls but, more importantly, I’m leading Biden by a lot. Also, & perhaps most importantly, they are launching all of the many Fake Investigations against me RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CAMPAIGN, something which is unheard of & not supposed to happen. DOJ, FBI, NEW YORK A.G., NEW YORK D.A., ATLANTA D.A. FASCISTS ALL!”

Just remember (and this is just how I feel). Disinformation is coming from BOTH sides DS-1 has a handle on this. For me it is an act of desperation by the other side. A Lot of people aren’t buying what they are selling anymore. The talking heads are doing their best to discredit anybody who doesn’t fall in step w/ their agenda and narrative. Whatever you believe ‘This is’ my opinion is it is going to get worse before it get’s better. Stay the Course
Hold the Line
Stay frosty


Sounds like you chose well.


I don’t know how to take this seriously. It is the equivalent of banning our first amendment right. Which is a nice thought but I can’t imagine it for any length of time.


The group calling for the ban is called “Here 4 the Kids.” In true socialist (but politically successful) fashion positions its cause as benefiting children. Recall that gun bans in the UK and Australia were motivated by mass killings incidents.

In the US, there’s been no shortage of school shootings by mentally deranged “known wolves” who authorities simply refused to deal with.

The illusion of security in the US always trumps individual freedoms.

Here 4 the Kids


The problem law abiding citizens face is that there are too many politicians willing to openly and plainly pass executive orders or even pass laws that are 100% contrary to the constitution, knowing they’ll be overturned in court, but doing it to 1. buy points with their base, and 2. buy time while sowing confusion and making life generally difficult for the people the laws/orders affect.

It happens at a federal and state level. Biden made executive orders on the border he ADMITTED were illegal, and admitted he did it to buy time while it worked through court. Hochul in NY knows the laws there are unconstitutional, and admitted that they were not going to “back down” in the face of the Supreme Court.

What’s to stop an executive order banning all of a type of gun and suddenly making everyone that owns one a felon until several years later SCOTUS strikes it down? Oh, wait, that happens already by the ATF. Why wouldn’t CO ban all guns? They could get a couple years of confiscations and arrests before it’s overturned.


I am all for banning firearms. Except for hunting and sport. First we have to get all the crime off the streets (or wherever it may be).
Edit- We would have to eliminate war also.

I’m probably not as much of a 2A purist as most on this board. I’ve often said I would be ok with a ban on firearms, as long as it was universal. If I can’t have firearms, then neither can the police, or private security, or the IRS, FBI, ATF, Captiol Police, etc. If we’re going to ban gun, then ban guns; I’m opposed to tiered citizenship.

I don’t know if I still believe that these days, but it’s pretty unrealistic, anyway. I don’t know of a magician powerful enough to make all firearm technology disappear.


Politicians learned long ago to pander to their base and that press, any press, even negative press, helps them get elected.

People don’t seem to care whether the person they vote for is a con man, lying sack of crap who lies with every breath he takes. The sad fact is that the majority of the eligible electorate does not vote at all, especially in primaries where votes really count.

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But even in theory, banning any weapon really never can possibly work, because there will always be people with evil intent.

We have all the laws in the world banning evil but it can never be eliminated because it exists in some people’s hearts and minds, so we need a way to defend against it.

If we ban guns, then we’ll have to ban bows and arrows, then clubs, then spears, and finally rocks. Oh yeah, anything explosive. And fire. And cars, and knives…

Seriously. As long as there have been humans there’s been murder and violence. There are much more effective ways to kill hundreds of people at once (Timothy McVey and al-Qaeda used some) than guns, but guns happen to be the most effective, easy to deploy, affordable and portable way to guard against typical daily evil, so all those people listed all need them, including us. If no one had a gun what would anyone do to defend against the next guy with a knife?


Appears to me that this group is “a division of Planned Parenthood”.

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To your point.