Are there any states that allow a felon to buy a gun?

Yet some states restore rights, including firearms rights. They may not be able to purchase due to federal laws which should not be involved under state judicial actions, but they can have their rights restored and allowed to have shotguns, rifles or even handguns.

As I stated, the issue on federal laws needs to be corrected.

If a person violates a state law, and that person is convicted and serves their sentence, they should be able to have their rights restored, all of their rights, though we may desire to have some means of adjudicating each case on a case by case basis… if it is a federal crime, then the federal law would apply.

It is interesting, we have a Constitution that guarantees our rights, yet states enact laws that infringe on those rights, and the federal government also do so… and yet, the state may restore rights, and the federal government acts in a tyrannical nature to deny those rights of people that served their sentence.


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That’s not the way it works. Both the state and federal governments are sovereign and can make and enforce their own laws. The state can restore someones rights under state law. But, unless the charge is removed from their record by expungement, seal or pardon, it remains in NCIC.

The state can correct this by changing the way they handle the restoration of rights. The legislators in state governments know (or should know) this and they can take steps to make it right.


Indeed. And state legislators may know, but I am not going to state they do as far too many, and those in the Legislative Branch of the United States, are in many cases, sorely lacking.

My issue is a state charge, a state law, a state conviction and a state sentence and a state restoration of rights should not involve the federal government at all and should not have the person held accountable to federal law in that regard.

If a person convicted of a felony, a state felony and NOT a federal offense of any kind (some state offenses do carry federal charges also I realize), and that person serves their sentence in it’s entirety and the state restores their rights, there should be no punishment or penalty or disenfranchisement by the federal government.

That is where I think there is a need to correct the system. If you do not commit a federal crime, the federal government, including any laws regarding felons, should have no impact or authority. Federal laws regarding felons and firearms should only be for federal felonies, and there should be a means to have their rights restored after their sentence is served. A state felony should only be counted and held in that state and that state can restore the rights.

As it is, most all of us may be guilty of some federal offense due to the overlapping and conflicting laws that have been passed, and if the federal government decides speeding tickets in your home state is a federal felony, and don’t laugh, if the wrong people gain sufficient power in the Legislative Branch, anything is possible, then we will be facing severe consequences for all our actions.

The problem with expunging their record, if they do commit another crime, that record would need to be available for consideration in sentencing if they are convicted of another crime.