How To purchase A "AR-15 RIFLE" If you have been convicted of a felony?

I’ve always wanted A Gun. Always loved em and knew I eventually would Buy one when the time was right. Yes, I’ve shot many and I’m responsible and educated enough to understand the potential deadly mistakes due to irresponsible behavior s and lack of general common sense. But, unfortunately I got A felony when I was 23. I’m 47 now. My record is clean except that. I have no warrants or any thing weird etc on me. Please tell me how and what can I do to purchase A AR-15. TY guys :metal::metal::metal:


Start by applying to the courts to have your record expunged. If you are successful it will be like it never even happened.


I have known someone who in their youth, committed a crime that he thought would bar him from “ownership”. Later in life, he completely changed his life to a good contributing citizen.

He never applied for ownership, but in his state, I looked up the process, and found there was a clause which might allow him.

There might be a way, but I think one would have to study state and federal rules for the correct process. I’m not sure if the specific state matters, therefore I’m wary against sharing incorrect state information.

Some states require a FOID card first. Once one has a FOID, they can apply for conceal carry permit or CCL. IMHO, having both might help one to be able to “purchase”, because form 4473 (background check) asks about felony history. But even if one checks the box, yes, prior felony, if that background check proves to deny one the sale, I wonder if that person can then at least contact the authority to ask how they can “appeal”.

My humble guess is if they assess the individual, they may find him/her in present good standing. Might the number of years “since”, help affect the determination?

I’m not sure if the FFL’s/seller can put you in touch with the organization doing the background check.

I noticed the last time I made a purchase, the 4473 was now electronic, at the FFL’s kiosk/PC — I purchased from.


Contact Information

If you have additional questions regarding the revised Form 4473, please contact [ (link sends e-mail)] (mailto: or your local ATF office. A listing may be found online.



Talk to a lawyer,… I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Better yet, hire a lawyer, and go through the process to get your records expunged.

You admitted to a criminal act in your opening post, maybe edit that.

A felon cannot possess a firearm, even for a few seconds at the range with their friends.


@GORE713 Welcome to the community! Depends on the felony conviction, do what Larry130 and others suggests. My answer is the same, good luck!


Take advantage of political corruption. Make a sizable contribution to your state governor’s reelection campaign, then ask for a pardon.



You will have to get a governor pardon. The process in some states can take three years. Most states you don’t have to hire an attorney but with a process like this I would suggest you do. If you’re granted the pardon in most states you will have to go back to the court where you were convicted and have your attorney file for expungement of records with the court. If that is granted you then need to make sure wherever you’re criminal records are housed, that they remove your criminal records and this is where an attorney comes into play. I would start with an attorney that handles pardons

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Fly south and come across the border illegally. Cause they’re now allowed to own firearms according to a federal judge….:person_facepalming:t2:


find a lawyer in your state that specializes in firearms rights restorations. Every state’s avenue is a little different.