AR jamming on laser ammo

So, I got the iTarget pro system with a 9mm laser bullet and a .223 laser bullet. My 9mm bullet works without problem, but every time I put the .223 in my AR, it jams when I pull the trigger. The only way I have found to unjam it is to “mortar” my rifle, which seems a bad idea to me.

If I put my .223 snap caps inside, it does not jam, but every time I put in the laser, it does. Any ideas about what to do about this? It doesn’t seem to matter if I’ve lubed it recently or not.

Does it load and fire, but not eject? If so, compare the extraction grove on the laser cartridge to one that does not jam.

In addition you can put the two cartridges side by side and compare all dimensions of the two cases.

A third check would be to Google. 223 dimensions and confirm with calipers.

Well, you insert the bullet into the chamber, and it stays there. It is made not to load or eject.

What is happening is: I insert the laser bullet (with no magazine in the weapon), close the breech, and pull the trigger. At that point, the bolt carrier group shoots forward and activates the laser. Then you have to recock the weapon, but I can’t actually get it to move. It seizes up. I can pull on the charging handle all I want, and all I’m going to do is hurt my fingers.

Sorry, guess I was no help :grinning: The bolt carrier group shooting forward when you pull the trigger does not sound right.

What does the manufacturer say about it?

I was under the impression from something that I read that you are not supposed to let the bolt, in the case of a rifle, nor the slide, in the case of a pistol, slam home on the laser ammo but to ease the bolt or slide onto the laser round. Then tap the bolt or slide home. Letting either slam home just jams the laser in. The instructions with the laser tell you, in order to extract you must insert the rubber end of a pencil for a pistol or a cleaning rod for a rifle down the barrel and push the laser out when you are done using it.

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By what @LordDeinonychus describes it takes both the pressure from the buffer spring plus a hammer strike to bring the BCG home. Then the BCG is wedged in place and almost impossible to pull back with the charging handle.

I am hoping somebody (like @Craig6) with AR-15 laser experience will chime in.

Not saying Craig has laser experience, but I know he has a wealth of firearms operational knowledge. :+1:

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I’m not familiar with that type of laser system so I will default to “Re-Read the instructions”. Now that being out of the way and a$$uMe ing no help (and figuring you have already done that) I would consider one of two options if the cartridge works on the first shot.

The simplest method would be to partially push out your rear disassembly pin. Take your shot, pull the pin and drop the lower. Manually cock the hammer and put it back together.

The second option is to get an extra bolt without the extractor and turn your stick temporarily into a pull bolt, just don’t get aggressive racking the bolt you could smash the laser bits.

Finally to get the booger cartridge out, wrap both fingers around the charging handle and “BANG” the butt stock sharply on a hard surface (ground). That usually breaks most stuck cases free (Obviously it won’t work if you choose option 2 and then your back to a ram rod)

Dunno if that will assist you or if it’s against mfg instructions but those are the things I would consider given the circumstances as described.



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