Laser work for zeroing?

Do these laser cartridges work for zeroing?

Tacticon Laser Boresight for .223 Rem 5.56 mm NATO | Combat Veteran Owned Company | Zeroing Sight in with Rifle | Zero Bore Sighter Lasers for Rifles | 556 223 Boresighter Lazer

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I have found this type of laser to be helpful to bring the gun onto the paper. I found with my laser bore sight that the center of the bore sight tool can change if the tool is rotated. I have marked the tool so that I always put it into the bore the same way, seem to help me,that way I am not chasing the dot.



They can’t get you to zero. They might get you closer, if the tool itself is zeroed in. On the versions I’ve had, I can adjust the laser. The idea is that I can set it straight on one rifle and then use it to help zero in other rifles. That’ll save you some rounds on the zero range, but otherwise it just turns your rifle into a laser gun. Until the batteries wear out and you can’t find the right size to replace them.

I can’t speak to this specific make. It might be s great tool. Then again, how often do you re-zero your own rifle?

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