AR-15 Flashlight

I’m sure this topic has been discussed many times before, but I wanted to share this. When I first started looking for a flashlight for my AR-15, I was shocked that most of them were in the $150 range. Found this one for $40. It doesn’t have a strobe feature but is very bright and attaches to an M-LOK rail nicely. For what I need, it does the job. Maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for.


$150 is still on the cheap side for tactical wml honestly. Cloud, surefire, malkoff, etc are usually in the $250-300 range


I wouldn’t trust anything cheaper than a Streamlight

Mine have Cloud Defensive, Surefire, and Modlite


For a range gun for practicing, and determining what works, and does not work with a light, these are OK. If you are planning to bet your life on one of these working under a defensive situation, I’d look for better quality.

A lot of these devices are very cheap, but don’t last. I have several lights and optics that I bought because they were cheap. Many of them did not last for more than a year. So for defensive use, I go for proven quality. I have a second hand surefire that I bought with a used gun. That sucker is still ticking, and I’ve had it for over 4 years.


I have had much luck with my Streamlight products. Powerful and tough. So far my three weapon lights have been 100% dependable.


I have a Streamlight also and it has been dependable. 1000 lumens, Protac Rail Mount HL-X.


I have a mixture of cloud, streamlight, and weltool. The streamlight hlx i had died so it got sent to cloud on their trade up program 2 years ago for a Rein micro