April 9, 2015, 7:45 a.m

I was walking Tank, my then chihuahua on a leash. It was alongside West Virginia state route 16, My dog was on a leash per state code. I was on the dirt free access path alongside 16 in Clay County between the Truss shop and the Jones Brothers bridge, Two Samoyed sled type dogs raced off an adjacent hillside and began mauling my Tank unprovoked. My pepper spray jammed. Kicks and brandishing a ballistic knife were worthless as the two dogs circled me like jackals. A neighbor came from her trailer and helped me home. Tank was rushed to surgery and lived. It took him a month to recover, Prayers and appeals to the police and media were useless. I acquired a Canik TP 9 9mm semiautomatic pistol and a MAXPEDITION Fatboy style carry pouch. I began constitutionally carrying. October 19th 2016 5:45 p.m. The same two dogs tried their junk again. I let the lead dog walk into my 9mm’s painted sights. BANG! One 115 grain PPU JHP to the side killed the lead dog, The other dog fled home. My dog wasn’t hurt but I went home and called State police. They told the dog’s owners they better not retaliate or file charges, too. I walked. When the dog’s owners tried to slander me but the whole of Clay County came to my defense, too. Turned those two same dogs had a Widen woman in the hospital and had killed and wounded numerous pets all over clay County. The dog’s owners calmed quiet and peace now reigns, too.


Welcome to the group @Mark78.
Sounds like you did the needful thing. I hate it when dog owners wont act responsibly and the dog pays the penalty. We have livestock and have had to defend them against dogs. Always makes me angry…
Glad your pup recovered.

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