Anyone from Orange County California?

Looking to see in anyone from Orange County, Ca our there?


Yes, but left Cal 25 years ago. Lived in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach.
Where are you?


Welcome to the family Brian and have a blessed day.

Not from CA. but I have a son who lives in Hollywood CA.

I used to live in Newport Beach as well. Grew up in so cal . Currently living in Wisconsin. But I still have plenty of family out there so I go back quite often. My sister is a mail carrier in anahiem

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Used to live in Mission Viejo and worked in Irvine. But that was ages ago. My company relocated me from the Bay Area. My first day of work in Irvine was 09/11/2001.

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I am from close by–Redlands, CA. Family has been in the area since 1865. After 6 months in an ox cart, they stop 3 days short of Laguna Beach. Oh, well.


Born and raised in orange county!