Where did you vote?

Today’s vote will be history-making — as every previous vote has been. A lot of people took advantage of early voting and mail-in ballots. However, many took the traditional route of heading to the voting booth on Election Day.

If you voted in person today, what precautions did you take for your safety?


Voted in person, at the regular polling place.
No special precautions other than normal situational awareness.

The polling place is a school, so limited options when it comes to firearms…

Go vote, head back home and arm up.


Voted in person like I do as normal. Then went to work. Not much else to do. Ready as I always am for whatever life throws at me.


Took my regular edc & vehicle weapon which had to be left in vehicle as I voted at city hall. Grabbed a pepper spray (gel) on the way out. No issues here, voted around noon, 3 folks on front of me. 5 behind. Counter read 371 before I entered my vote. All good


Voted at the booth this morning at the local precinct.


Dropped off ballot last night in City Hall after work.

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Voted today at my usual precinct poling place. Arrived early and very short wait. Just had my EDC knife on board but my community is largely conservative so no worries.


My wife and I voted a little after 4:00 pm at the regular polling place and you could hear a pin drop. Afterwards we went home and picked up my EDC and went to Bakers Crust and had a nice meal.


City Hall?


I like my rural voting :slight_smile:


I early vote via mail these days. Easy. Fast. Don’t have to be around other people…even under normal circunstances.


Voted in VA Beach, Malibu Elementary school. I won’t comment on my weapon status. Took an hour. No fuss no muss made it to work on time. Traffic was lighter than normal on the highways going home. Did not see to many “I voted” stickers on the primarily older and black community that were patients where I was working. Did see many on the younger 30-50’s crowd. Most of the Nurses and Tech’s mentioned that they would be voting later. One young lady asked if I thought my vote actually counted. I stopped and said “Yes Ma’am, because for every vote like mine there are tens of thousands wondering the same hing and if we all vote our voice is heard but if we all stay home they don’t hear us. I vote to support the vote to the right and to the left and if I set the example others will follow and together we tel THEM what WE want. Always remember They work for US.”




For any and all Virginians.

Most of the state went for Trump, but again… Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington, Hampton, Norfolk… and Brunswick… (Brunswick??? for Biden)

Precautions might not matter, the voting is showing the nation, at least half, has lost all morality and virtue, to support a corrupt Biden family, and the child abuse and money laundering and sexual assault with minors …

This just shows why the Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College, because they could have their Northern Virginia of California, and Hampton Roads and Norfolk area of New York, and control the nation, while the votes of the less dense population areas are ignored.

Keep your fingers crossed, but it has to do with people’s belief in God, self reliance, self sufficiency, personal responsibility, and belief in liberty and freedom and a Republic… and it may be we have fallen too far to truly recover.

Today’s Democrat? John F. Kennedy would not be nominated as the candidate.

By the way, a majority of counties went for Trump, and they gave Virginia to Biden, and so far, a majority of counties went for Gade, with only about 6 or 7 and some of the independent cities and towns… that seem to be Warner, yet they gave it to Warner…

Prince William, Farifax, Arlington, and Fairfax and Prince William were both rather close, considering how they usually vote.


Voted early (two weekends ago) at the state registrar’s office to avoid in-person crowds and lines.


OR is a mail in ballot State. I physically dropped my ballot off in a ballot box abut 10 days ago.


Masks are required here, so we put ours on, walked across the street & used the q-tip on our screens.

Polling place is a church, and there were prominent no weapons signs posted at all entrances, so I had to leave my Shield at the house.

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AR-15 in car, regular ECD, all in car parked at proper distance from polling but hidden under a black cloth.

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Township fire hall, wore a mask due to all the elderly ladies working the polls in my township being high risk and frail.
Open carried my M&P 2.0 Performance Center 9mm in defiance of our SoS trying to issue unconstitutional edicts. Zero issues (not that the ladies there would have cared, i know one has a 44 mag revolver in her purse, not that she could use it without hurting herself…)

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Made me think of the joke…

A cop pulls over an old lady for speeding on a highway. He asks for her driver’s license and registration. When she opens her wallet, he notices a conceal-carry permit.

He asks, “Ma’am, do you have a weapon in your possession at this time?”

She responds that she has a .38 Special in her purse. And a .45 in her glove box. And a 9mm Glock in the center console. And a shotgun in the trunk.

“Jesus, lady,” says the cop. “What are you so afraid of?”

The old lady looks him in the eye and says, “Not a f****g thing.”



Voted in person at my usual voting place. It was quiet and peaceful. Usually I am in the mid single to low double digit voter. This time I was 124th. No problems or concerns even though my vehicle was armed it idid not need to rescue me :slight_smile:

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Voted at my normal polling place. No special precautions as I live in a really good rural area. Still performed the usual situational awareness, but more habit than precaution.

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