CC conversations with unexpected people

Have you had CC conversations with someone you’d never expect?

Here’s mine from this morning…
I went to a Toastmasters officer training event this morning (YES I know, I’m a geek). There’s a fellow, just as geek as me, sitting next to me and we were talking during a break. Small talk stuff. He mentioned he was going on vacation for a couple weeks…
Me: Where are you going?
Him: Not sure. Anywhere. [Pause] Except California.
Me: Why not California?
Him: I can’t take my gun there.
:smiley: [BINGO!!] :smiley:
Me: yeah, I can’t either.
Him: did you see the no-fireams sign on the door?

Yep, a CC guy, one of us. Never would have guessed.

Spent the rest of the break discussing revolver vs semiauto. :grin:

So who have you had an unexpected concealed carry conversation with?

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@Zee. My Executive Assistant:grinning: Last week I asked about her husband and his health and she mentioned that he was feeling much better and was looking forward to getting back out to the range.
Me: Oh, what shooting range do he visit?
EA: No. I am not talking about a shooting range. I was talking about our farm.
Me: Opps. I am sorry. I misunderstood you.
EA: No problem. Since we are on that subject. Do you own a gun?
Me: Yes, I actually just joined a gun association.
EA: Really!!! Please send me that information. I need to brush off my 357 and get back to the shooting range!
Me: I had no idea you shoot. Do you have a CCL?
EA: No. But I would love to apply for one to carry. How about you?
Me: Yes. I highly recommend to get one. Unfortunately, you will not be able to carry while in the building, but you can store in your car and have something around for your long drive home.

Love my job!


@Leonard niiice!!
You can invite her to join us on here too!

I surprised one of my customers in my shop one day when he saw I open carried. Before you get upset about OC, I own my shop, am the only person working there, and I live in a constitutional carry state. And no, I don’t usually open carry. Anyway, I took him by surprise as I already stated and he seemed to think that I was the last person he would ever imagine to carry a firearm. He was not opposed to me carrying, just surprised.

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@Patrick3 no upset from me on the OC… we’re in MO and its constitutional carry too. My hubby open carries about half the time, especially this time of year.
Guess you just don’t seem like a “gun guy” :smile: I sometimes get that.