Any reviews on RANIERSEC dot com?

First time posting… I found this site with TO GOOD to be True prices and looks like everything is ready to ship ! … FREE shipping… NO Taxes… the deal is they do NOT take credit cards… Only Amazon or Vanilla Gift cards or BITCOIN !!! The site looks very professional and claim to be located at 301 Arctic Slope Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99518. I can find NO reviews on line… Good OR Bad ??? its Very Fishy… Feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts… Thanks Patriots…
TRUST me… I am NOT Promoting them…I just don’t want to get SCAMMED !!!


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First of all, welcome to the community.

A Glock 44 for $176? Bass Pro has it for $400. Granted, I don’t expect a deal from Bass Pro, but I also don’t expect a more than $200 difference in price for that gun.

As far as I am concerned, I’ll wait until they prove themselves in the marketplace.


For a online dealer who said they have been around for 10 plus years with those kinds of prices I think they would be a “household name” in the firearms world. As the old statement “take it with a grain of salt” for this one I would use a 10lb bag of salt. Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards from the grocery store to pay for items scream scam.


Welcome to the Community @Christopher119 .

First impression is always accurate…and the first impression after seeing this:

A 2021-03-17 20-04-18

is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE :zipper_mouth_face:

They accept only payments which cannot be traced and you cannot dispute transaction… :wink:

Maybe I’m wrong… but when you search Internet you will find people being concerned about that store back in September 2020… and nobody gave clear answer till today …

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I have no experience with them. However, I will link a couple web pages I found from a Google search related to their name/site:

BBB info

Complaintboard info

Scampulse review

Scam-detector review

AR15 Forum discussion

PAFOA Forum discussion


Patriots. I can’t THANK YOU Enuff for your help confirmation my Very Bad Gut Feeling… & to think I had 46 months of USCCA Gold Membership dues worth of 223 Ammo in their CART !!! Yikkkes… NOW they are sending me discount coupons trying to suck me into their Bowels of Hell !! I don’t know the rules of this forum, my only rule has always been to Break All Rules but it would be nice to Warn other members to Run Forrest Run away from this band of thieves…

Patriot Blessings to one & all…
Patriot Chris

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It is a 100% scam!!! Saw posts of people that got scammed by them!

Other red flags were: Their use of English grammar, pop-ups reading that someone just purchased something, prices too fictional, and a minimal $100 purchase. They are not real. They are trying to take advantage of our unique market crisis. Good warning. Thank you.

We should all place a couple thousand dollar orders and just make up CC numbers so they waste time trying to get the funds!! HA HA :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s the trick there - they DON’T take CC :no_mouth:
They don’t have to waste any second.