Any News About Remington?

The latest news I’ve gotten is that Remington has split into two divisions for gun and ammo manufacturing, and have relocated in La Grange, GA. Their 870 shotgun is supposed to have been the first model to have been resurrected since their bankruptcy. Are there any ongoing recalls for the 700 and ammo?

According to “American Rifleman: The Story Behind Remington Ammunition, Jan, 29, 2022”:

Vista Outdoor—owner of Federal, CCI, Speer and many others—acquired Remington Ammunition.

According to “The North Plate Telegraph: Windahm: What happened to the rest of Remington Arms, Aug, 15, 2021”:

The Roundhill Group LLC purchased the Remington firearms factories last fall for $13 million. The deal included Remington’s main factory in Ilion, New York, and its handgun barrel factory in Lenoir City, Tennessee. The sale included all the firearms side of the business except Marlin. Ruger bought the Marlin brand and patents, primarily because they wanted the rights to the Model 336 lever action. The firearms side of Remington is now officially known as RemArms.

Here’s a link to the Remington website’s recall notcie: Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice

You can also listen to a few of Remington1816 Podcasts on YT, even though it seems like a marketing gimmick (hosted by CEO Ken D’Arcy).