Any lawyer in florida near the miami area who speaks spanish

any lawyer in florida near the miami area who speaks spanish

That’s a joke, right?

Welcome to the Community @Carlos39. If you’re a USCCA Member and looking for a self-defense attorney, be sure to check out your USCCA dashboard for our Attorney network.

If not, check out attorney review sights like (not an endorsement just one I remember off the top of my head).

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This is no joke, I just want to be prepared. Or do you think that people who speak Spanish don’t have the same rights?

I think @Ken38 was referring to the large number of Spanish speaking attorneys in the Miami area, @Carlos39.

Finding an attorney can be as easy as opening a phone book, but finding out if they’re good is another issue. Check out the dashboard or AVVO-type websites. You should be able to find what you’re looking for without too much trouble.


That is precisely why I asked for help, there are many lawyers, but not so many good ones and less in this area, that is why my question to the community was due, I was only looking for help there, but thank you very much.

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I’ve moved it to the regional area - maybe other Floridians can help?


Thank you very much for that, surely it can be very useful to me

Hi @Carlos39 and welcome!

Not familiar with lawyers in Miami, but when looking for a lawyer in Jacksonville, I cross-checked USCCA attorney listing, AVVO site, then Googled pro-2A lawyers in Jacksonville. Then I emailed a few and setup free consultation with the ones that responded. Hope this helps.

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thank you very much

Hi @Carlos39. I hope you’re doing great and never need an attorney, but I’m certain the USCCA has plenty of capable attorneys who speak fluent Spanish. Please don’t be offended by our friend’s humor. I don’t believe he intended to offend. I have spent a lot of time in your area while growing up, and I have had and still have friends in the area. I realize how many Spanish speaking people are in the area, but I also realize you are not enquiring about A fluent Spanish attorney, but a highly qualified one.
I’d say you’re in the right place for that.
God bless you brother. I hope we get to exchange thoughts on here often.

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Thank you, if so far I am doing well and I hope I never need a lawyer, but unquestionably you have to be prepared, as for the lawyer I already have some whom I have to see and have them on the radar, and if of course I can have debates. Respectful then that’s what this community is for

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I was just thinking @Carlos39, about how much of a slice of the American pie (make that a ladle full of the American stew) Florida truly is. In “modern” America, the Spaniards were the first visitors that became a permanent culture. Of course the British then began to stir everything up by pushing the Miccosukee/Seminole people further down into the glades. Many black people took refuge in Florida and among the native people. Of course in different parts of the state we have strong Cuban and Greek populations. As a kid I remember the wonderful Cuban restaurants (strolling musicians helped to push me to become a pro trumpeter) and cigar rolling around Tampa and St Pete. Of course I can’t forget the Greek divers in their fleet of sponge boats, and the restaurants there with fantastic seafood (they spoiled me with turtle dishes). The colors of these places!
Of course there are Haitians, Bahamian, and Japanese. We won’t even mention Miami through the Keys (today the Keys are being overtaken by the upper crust I guess, but I remember making my annual pilgrimage to Islamorada to free dive. I had a lot of family on SC coastal islands, and though we had great fishing and hunting on our little island with my grandparents (Sicilian/Austrian grandmother and English grandfather lol) it couldn’t match the water in your state for visibility. We would have to imagine what was the big fish that bumped us.
Anyway…I’m sure I left out some, but posting with you got me remembering all my time spent in Florida and all the vivid color of the state.
BTW, I was born to a family of migrant workers, and when we “disassembled” I was brought east and adopted at virtually 10 yrs.
Life is good.
God is good all the time. Only we change.

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I wanted to point out that there is a little bit of a new show in town if you want to take your chances. Pro Se is a real option… Is anyone else out there wanting to connect? When you file documents and have to stand up for them it chastens your position.

I have two public defenders in two different states right now and it really is your best option. The system has atrophied so we need to start going the distance. Everyone is afraid of trial and we are afraid of the people. It gives judges and prosecuters so much discretionary power right now of having there way so long that I realize no matter who you have its ugly. Pro Se as an option needs to also be considered and whenever you have a criminal court when you did the right thing, than you need to have a civil action for money against immunity.