Another Leftist Gov Mandates No Gun Shows

New Mexico’s gov announced a ban on gun shows at all state owned/run facilities. Link to Gun & Gadgets YouTube video:

Any of those in NM or the greater southwest should follow Jared’s advice and over communicate your displeasure to her phone and email.


I think the governor forgets that state property doesn’t belong to her, but to the people of New Mexico, who have broad and diverse interests. If one “special interest” is banned, all special interests should be banned. No animal husbandry events (can’t offend the vegans), no Spanish Market in Santa Fe (you have to be Hispanic to sell your crafts, and that’s discriminatory), no Indian Market, or International Folk Art Market for that matter either.

What a boring, vanilla world of oppression. (Maybe I can’t use “vanilla” as that’s primarily grown in Mexico, Tahiti, or Madagascar.)


Yeah, that & it’s white. You were doing pretty well before that.


Interesting, white vanilla beans? Does that make them albino? LOL


Vanilla beans, not exactly white… Raw Organic Vanilla Beans Ready to Cut Stock Photo - Alamy :wink:


Ok, so as some of us have learned, facts don’t matter. No critical thinking allowed. So when thinking of colors vanilla is white. Vanilla ice is white, vanilla yogurt is white. New York vanilla is almost white. So although the the vanilla bean is not white,. When mixed by Ben & Jerry it’s still the color of white. & Don’t try to give me that flavor argument, it doesn’t follow my agenda


The fact is, vanilla is not white. As one that uses vanilla in baking, I think of vanilla as usually being very dark brown, almost black at times, even vanilla extracts are dark. If one mentioned vanilla ice cream, yes milk is white, so the addition of vanilla, alone, would not change that, and as you pointed out flecks of vanilla in ice cream are not white, making clear that you understand that vanilla is not white. If you noticed in my post, I was making a joke. Also, the other poster was commenting on origin, not the color of the bean.

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Sarcasm is wasted on some folks…

Yes, you totally missed the point of my first post.

Hmmmm no … but for the sake of ending this foolishness … Take care

You obviously did not understand what I stated, or chose to ignore it, but take care.

Yes he was. And I’ll bet it had something to do with “cultural appropriation,” and how we’re not allowed to use any number (it’s a growing list) of terms these days without running afoul of lefty laws.

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ok. Now THAT is funny! HAHAHAHA


WTF are you talking about?? I thought this was a post about banning gun shows? Am I on the wrong post?

Thank God I’m not a brain dead democrat.


Well, yes, but when SJWs appear, nothing is sacred.

Screw the Governor of NM. If she wants to deny a source of income to the State’s coffers, let Gun Shows spend their dollars where they are welcomed and appreciated. Once again, the taxpayers get screwed.


She also denies the venue employees (security, concessions, maintenance, ticket booth, parking) at these venues the ability to make any income. But with her mind set, she’d rather they be on unemployment so she can pocket/skim the Federal relief monies, progressive “D” attitude of keep folks on the dole and under the “GOVT’S CONTROL”. Maybe the show’s sponsor/host and vendors can file a breach of contract suit against her office and get a stay against her improper dictatorial actions so the show can be held regardless.