Another junk study!


The author seems to have quite a list of accomplished articles. It’s like a verifiable goldmine of nothingness …

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The list of self indulgent drivel goes on, but enough is enough


Think about all the first time gun owners who are still ok with “sensible gun control”. We should not be surprised when these studies start to sway that way.


Yes, that is quite interesting. Most that I have trained that were previously anti or on-the-fence, believed in “gun control”. After they began learning, I would again ask about their beliefs, such as mag limits, etc., that they previously believed in, and, no surprise to us, they no longer did, and understood why those ideas were ridiculous. That is why I strongly believe in education of the populous, and will talk to anyone willing to listen and learn. I also am willing to engage in a public forum those unwilling to learn, as those around us will get to hear facts compared to emotional non-sense and form their own opinion based on what they hear. I have had at least several people come up to me later and either state that I won them over or enhanced their belief and knowledge in our RKBA, compared to how untenable “gun control” is.


Exactly the problem, if only there was a way we could quickly get them up to speed where they should be from a policy perspective in order to help stave this wave off.

But unfortunately, I don’t know that there is much hope of that and with the short term memories many Americans seem to have, they’ll quickly forget how it felt during tough times to purchase a weapon and how they were easily able to obtain it (assuming the store had stock and there was no criminal background) when they felt the NEEDED it…and they’ll wonder what happened the next time they try and go back and by one but it will be too late…they would have already been convinced to sell their guns to the Gov’t at some crazy reduced rate, but more importantly no longer be in charge of their own safety/security.


How many of those first time gun owners in 2020 were Democrats? How many still voted for that senile demented old fool, either without knowing his policy positions, or knowing it and still voted for Democrats?


I’ve been saying this exact thing since people started running towards the gun stores. They got lucky this time. I’m afraid there won’t be a second chance


And Joe Biden said 30,000 are killed by “gun violence” every year. We’re back to that false narrative.

Biden did say 150 millions died of gun violence in the US since 2007.


Information is like a very long trip. A million things could go wrong, anywhere along the way, but we are accustomed to successful trip where problems are easily fixed.

But what if there was a desire by a large number of coordinated people, to alter your trip, block it, or change your destination. It becomes easy to imagine the innumerable ways your trip could be sabotaged or even stopped.

Information is no less vulnerable, in fact it is even more vulnerable. you can alter facts by an out right lie, or, you can lie by constructing your poll or “study” in literally thousands upon thousands of ways to cause it to output a desired result. Or, you can simply falsify the results, Or, you can falsify the interpretation and meaning of the results obtained, etc. etc. etc.

After you absorb all that, there is one more huge problem remaining, one of even more significance , as impossible as that may seem.

The information you DIDN’T get, and, never knew you didn’t get!

A corrupted and unrestrainedly biased media, coupled with big tech that has gained a position where it can edit, ban, censor, even alter, everything from news, to your personal conversations , is an inestimable threat, FAR, FAR, more serious than the attention it has received would suggest.

We trusted our journalists were doing their jobs, and digging up relevant information, and passing it along to us.

Now, a great many of them are working just as hard, to use their position of trust, and their irreplaceable role, to carefully feed a custom crafted diet of information to the public that is not intended to inform, but rather, is intended to reshape public opinion and the publics understanding.

The journalists were like our white blood cells, there to be our ever needed immune system warriors to fight of the ever present infectious dangers of corruption and lawlessness. But now, as with an autoimmune disease, or immune system warriors have turned against the very body they are there to protect. Not only are they NOT protecting us from the disease of corruption, but they have become a disease in their own right.