Another Illinois State Trooper Killed Friday Night

Right here in the suburban Chicago town I live in on last Friday night a Retired Illinois State Trooper was murdered another active Trooper and an FBI Special Agent were shot this last Friday night. The shooter Lisa V Mc Mullen took her own life on scene at a Cigar Shop in my suburb of Lisle, IL the shooter knew the dead trooper they were high school classmates but nothing else was released yet. The spin here is that something that is not supposed to happen - happened; the shooter was all legal she had her Illinois FOID and she had her Illinois Concealed Carry license. So she passed successfully her 16 hour non-veteran class to carry her firearm. Veterans only have to be in class 8 hours and then range qualification. The three men were relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I feel very bad about this but to my amazement the Chicago Trib or any other or the TV Media hasn’t made a big stink about the fact she was all legally armed. I don’t know, there’s too many shootings and this one was only a couple miles away from me. But evidently this woman was mentally not there and thinking back by her picture I cannot attest 100% , I think she was in my CCW Class at the school I went to for my license.


How do you know that she mentally was not all there? Do you have any idea why she obviously selected this individual? There is something going on here for her having to done all that and kill someone. It is the first that I have ever heard of any situation like this.
Could this have been some kind of killing for misconduct on the part of the police officer(s)?
Not all police are nice people or even saints. It seems that people have the good old Larry memory. Not wanting to mention that the SOB used to beat his wife, borrowed small amounts of money and never paid it back, always never paid to pay for his round at the bar, always bummed his cigarettes, loved to get in fights, or was a royal PIA socially.

Because anyone who kills someone with intention is not there Michael. Normal people don’t kill people Sir these guys were in smoking stogies having a good time and kicking back.
She had some association with the decedent it was not random. If it’s random the odds of the incident happening would be near none since they could have known each other and who knows yet if high school was the unifier? That hasn’t come out yet. They went to the same High School, Who knows it’s Chicago it could have been a contract hit. But that’s why the situation is under investigation. We do not know anything about the deceased if he abused his wife or even if he was ever married, or divorced or what the marital status was.
When more information comes available I will update my post.

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Let us hope that you are never put to the test with a present danger that is real but enjoying torturing you waiting for them to act.

Women in our society are often placed in situations wherein their physical safety with a slice of mental torture is thrown in. I work with women having rather useless protective orders and useless police. Teaching them to learn to use weapons and how to protect themselves in their homes and at work.

It is going to take a really good professional forensic psychiatrist and physical evidence to figure out exactly what motivated this woman.

Academically attacking a person that is trained to fight/survive in their own lair is quite interesting. What made her so afraid or angry that she would take this course. It takes something powerful to motivate that level of passion. The first shot is telling. The other two men were likely just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A really good professional analysis with a complete case study of all involved would be interesting to read. Unfortunately, given the desire to not air dirty laundry (typical institutional behavior) as an extension to protect any investigation will make this difficult to get.

I will agree with you that there are some bad apples in police departments, just like any other job. However, killing someone for misconduct is not what responsibly armed Americans do.

Please remember that we’re all here to learn from each other through respectful conversations and exchanges. I’m not asking you to agree, I’m asking you to be respectful in your discussion.

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