And THIS is why I need an AR15

Of course it didn’t make the news…funny I seem to recall the teen who defended himself and his sister in TX a couple of years ago using one as well (again without shots fired)…and a man in OK a year or so ago where shots were fired…(parents of robbers tried to sue based on the robbers being “outgunned”)


I’ve seen a few stories on groups that I’m on where people used an AR-15 to defend themselves from home invaders in the last week alone. and in most of the reports there were more than one invader and at least one was killed by the intended victim. But these stories were not reported on the MSM outlets. And that was because it DOESN’T FIT IN WITH THEIR ANTI-GUN AGENDA.

  1. Who said anything about NEED? Whenever I hear that question, I immediately recognize a tyrant. I hate to repeat this, but it’s the Bill of Rights not Needs. Sorry.
  2. It’s peculiar & quite strange that the government & other elitists hate an armed population generally. But, specifically they hate the AR15. The millions that are currently owned really bother them.

'Cause Beto; that’s why I need an AR.

Forgive me if I have gone off on this rant before. If you think about it, nobody really wants to have ‘need’ used as a criterion for determining what goods and services are legal to purchase and own.

How many people actually NEED a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Probably 10% of the folks who currently own one. Who really NEEDS a vehicle capable of speeds over 75 mph? Who really NEEDS a boat, or a horse, or an RV? Or 30 pairs of shoes? Designer clothing? A motorcycle? Multiple televisions? 6 dogs? Who really NEEDS steak or ice cream or beer?

You see my point. If all the things we surround ourselves with, all the things that give us a little comfort or pleasure, were subject to a needs test, and paperwork, and approvals, and fees…what kind of life would that be? Not free. Not independent. Not a place I’d want to live.

Anyone should be careful about arguing based on need; before you know it someone else will decide that what’s important to you isn’t really needed.


I can go with that.

Well SOMEbody does…

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
~ Karl Marx

It’s that communist party principle I hear every time I hear “why do you need one?”

And right behind it I hear this:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
From Animal Farm ~ George Orwell

I need one because it is My Right as a free and equal Citizen to HAVE one.






As long as there is the 2nd Amendment, I don’t have to justify why I need, want, or have an AR-15. What I do with my money is my own business. We REALLY need to ban the term “Assault Rifle” it is incorrect and stupid. You can kill someone with a paperclip, doesn’t make it an assault paperclip.

Full disclosure, I don’t have an AR-15. I prefer ammo that is more beefy, say, 7.62mm. :slight_smile:


Ice cream is not a need, but the other two? I would even include wine and Scotch in the list of “needs”. :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: Yes, our nation was not founded on “needs”, but inalienable rights.

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The question of why someone would need a AR-15 or any other weapon has been answered in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, L.A. New York, Dallas, Seattle and Atlanta. In Seattle the police gave up six blocks and left the people that lived there to fend for themselves. Not bad in the daylight but at night the war lord and his toadies come out and take over and they have weapons and some are AR-15s and AKs. So if someone questions something beyond the 2nd amendment as to the use of a 30 round magazine simply point out the cities mentioned and the blue flu. If you are on your own want trumps even need. The riots and looting we see today is a perfect reason for wanting the firepower an AR can provide I believe.


AR15 is a great platform for home defense or moving quickly through an urban environment, but if I was protecting my loved ones from a riot I would want something with a little more punch.

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Actually remember the following addage, “it is always better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it.” Good Video, couldn’t count the number of robbers in the the second security video, but it appeared to be north of 6. Smart move on the part of the narrator, he did not have enough info to adequately protect the property, and his first reponsibility was to his family, not his business.

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Need more punch you can get an AR chambered for 300 blackout, 350 legend, 400 bushmaster. Even the AR 10 in 308. I don’t know what part of the country you are from but most weapons with more punch also carry fewer rounds.

I believe the main draw for the AR is capacity and cost of ammunition. Well weight and low recoil maybe.

What would you suggest as ab alternative when confronting a mob? A good friend of mine uses a Henry 45-70 to back up his AR.


If my family and I were the target of a violent mob and I had to use lethal force, I would want nothing less than a 240E. If I only had an M4, I’d probably lose but they wouldn’t get me for free.

I think a lot of people underestimate how destructive a large riot can be. Given any option, I’d choose not to be there.

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And don’t forget my new best friend. The 6.5 Grendel. Amazing round! Just got mine put together and it does not dissapoint. Get an upper and some mags and you can get a whole bunch of punch from the AR 15 platform. Right between the .223 and the .308. Accurate round and stays supersonic past 1000 yards.

I think all of us forget that these rioters have not had a glove laid on them yet. I think many of them will quickly be a lot less outraged when or if they start taking real casaulties. Not advocating for that mind you. Everybody is a tough guy till they get somebody that will fight back.


Like when the police that they rail against walk off the job and there’s no one to protect them from the business owners…


Yep, mommy’s basement will be sounding pretty good to them.

If I might wax hypothetical here for a moment I think they have several problems they will be dealing with that are unplanned. Yes outside of the large Urban areas these protestors are seen and rioters. The Urban leaders may call the violence justified but most of us don’t see looting and shooting police as justified. That is why I think we are seeing Suburban and Rural citizens backing law and order rather than anarchy and socialism. So they tend to move on to where resistance is more timid and even supportive.

Second they are not a unified group but a group forced together because of similar wants and needs. ANTIFA has no intention of being subservient to BLM and BLM isn’t happy being out flanked by the old occupy groups and Antifa like when they took over part of Seattle. It looks like someone inside CHAZ/CHOP was shot and killed and one injured and in critical condition. The police were not allowed in and the victims had to be transferred to a hospital outside of the zone. The medics they use in CHOP only have to volunteer not be qualified to care for the sick and injured.

I predict they will break down over leadership and violence will increase as they try to hold it together. But like a wounded animal they might strike out at the rest of us and we have to be ready in case the Police cannot or will not defend the rest of us.

Until then we have each other here and realize we are not alone in caring for a stable society. Those that have taken the time to get a CCW or just protect their own homes are more like the rest of us than those that would burn down our cities and places of work. There are still good citizens in the USA. There are still those that love our country and respect the constitution and want our police to be respected and supported. The marchers, looters, rioters and destroyers of our statues and burners of our flag are still only a small part of our population. Most people are good people.