An Appeal For Standardizing The .41 Special

This is directed to all you wheelgunners out there - especially you reloaders. Will some of you join me in an effort to nudge Nosler into finally going to SAAMI to standardize this cartridge? As you might know or remember, Elmer Keith used the .41 Colt as the parent for this and the .41 Remington magnum in 1964, but the adoption of only the magnum for a new police caliber led to one of the biggest fiascos in firearms history. Like the .40 and 10mm, the .41 is a true .400" caliber, with optimum ballistics and one-shot, knock-down stopping power. The .38, .41, and .44 all utilize the same length case - you can make them for it by trimming down magnum cases, or buy them from Starline. This would finally fill the gap between the .38 and .44 with a caliber that’s only been regarded as a "niche’ or “wildcat” cartridge. I’ve envisioned revolvers for it along the lines of Ruger SAs, and DAs like the GP-100 and Smith 586 - if they can make 7-shot .357s, they can certainly produce a 6-shot for the .41. I’ve chosen Nosler because of their efforts to standardize the .280 Remington AI, which was one of the few surprises I’ve experienced in my 50-year “career” in firearms. If i have your support, please e-mail Nosler with my proposal. Who knows - this could spark a renewed interest in revolvers. THX - AMEN & FAREWELL