A Final On My Self-Appointed Missions

As I wrote before, I’m done being a 1-man band. I contacted Cold Steel, Bear & Son, United Cutlery, and Rough Ryder on the Wood folder - Walther, CZ, and Sig Sauer on the PP, CZ-83, P232 and P239 pistols - S & W and Remington on the .41 Special. These might have been selfish or wish-list items, but the main ideas were to give all of us options, and a second shot at them.

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Not sure what this is about or what you’re referring to.

I understand what you asked of the weapon makers however your last sentence leaves me confused.

When I 1st joined, I tried to silently enlist support from all of you by pursuing a wish-list - the Barry Wood swing-lock folder that uses no springs, modernized versions of .380 pistols that are discontinued, and trying tp persuade someone to develop the .41 Special as a viable cartridge to fill the gap between the .38 Special and .45 ACP., much like the .40 S&W.

So rather than build it yourself or pay someone to customize it for you, your plan was to entice people on this forum to do the work for you…and surprisingly it wasn’t successful? Well, I wish you the best of luck.

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I’m not that devious - I in no way have the skills to make these, but I had hopes that they could spark curiosity with one or more manufacturers. Talk about a voice crying in the wilderness.

Having worked in the “Big” gun industry as well as the Military machine I can tell you that getting off the ground with a new caliber or cartridge is a fight EVEN if they are looking for a better mouse trap. Ive studied calibers at a scientific level for decades and I pretty much have figured out for an anti personnel round to cover personal weapons as well as squad weapons the 7mm is a scientifically superior round from 135gr to 175gr and a bit beyond. It is where ballistic coefficients, mass and velocity cross several times. The problem comes in that by changing a caliber you would have to re outfit the entire military. It doesn’t matter that it feeds from the same magazine and the only change is the barrel, there are BILLION’s of rounds of 223, 308 and 300WM in inventory. The cost to replace that inventory would be steep as well as the conversion. It is a logistical nightmare. The Japanese tried that mid war with the 6.5 Jap to 7.7 Jap rounds it cost them lives.

As to try and change a companies thought process, it comes down to “Who is going to buy it?” The American public? Meh. The Amercian Military? NOW you have my attention. I know that there are 1st Gen Springfield XD’s out there with thumb safety built for military trials I would pay a princely sum to have one, but alas they are hard to find but IMHO would sell like hot cakes in the civilian market as the Gen 1 XD’s were all the cool bits with a 1911 grip angle.

Keep pushing your ideas to the companies. That’s how Resling, Pederson, Johnson, Browning and Garand got where hey went.



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I really don’t see the Special in my lifetime - the .41 magnum still rates as one of the biggest commercial flops in firearms history - know anybody who swears by the .357 Sig?