Self-appointed Missions

As a 30-year-plus participant in shooting sports, I’m cranky about products that I’d like to see on the market - I’ve recently contacted a couple of knife companies regarding re-designing the late Barry Wood’s “swing-lock”/“scissors-action” folding design , Walther to re-design and offer us an American-made “PP” with a 4" barrel and much-improved trigger pulls, and SOMEONE out there to consider the .41 Special as a viable revolver cartridge (remember the .280 Ackley Improved?), to fill the niche in handgun calibers between the .38 Special and Colt .45 for wheelgunners,. By the way, does anyone know of anyone who makes a premium cordura holster for the PK380, for abdominal carry, with a safety SNAP-STRAP - WITHOUT the annoying extra magazine pouch? I’ve had a miserable experience with many headaches and much $$ blown on four holsters that just don’t work for me. FYI - Kurt


Which holsters have you tried?

Can’t speak to the quality since I have not used it, but my I remember a friend considering this manufacturer:

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 Thanks - will shop Barsony again - the only cordura holster I've liked had a snap-strap, but also that irritating extra velcro magazine pouch.   So far, I've tried two Alien designs, a T-Agua, and a Crossbreed, which kept popping the pistol out when I walked - that's a clear $100 shot - in a  fit of pique I cut them up and tossed them out with my other garbage.   Anything knife- or firearms-related that doesn't "earn its keep" gets tossed, and I don't waste the time I've got left with back-and-forth requests for refunds - I  wound up toting the PK in a doubled-up, black woolen sock, which proved not only comfortable but secure near and next to "me naughty bits" - the grip and trigger guard rode just above the heavy leather belts I wear.    THX again - adios, amigo.

Just to ask wasn’t it made to be just less powerful than a 41 rem mag? Long time ago just don’t recall.

 Elmer Keith is responsible for the .357, .44, and .41 magnum cartridges we have today - he initially took the .41 Colt and developed the Special and the magnum from it, and offered them to Remington, touting the magnum as the ultimate stopping round for police forces.   Remington opted for the magnum (1964) ,  which resulted in the biggest commercial flop in firearms history!   Officers used to their .38s and .357s couldn't adapt to the more powerful round, and to the galling weight of the S&W Model 58 N-frame revolvers provided for it.   The .41 Special is along the lines of the .44 Special, but is not as stout and has a ballistic trajectory that makes the  .44's look like a rainbow - I think self-defense loadings in the 180-200-grain range with well-designed bullets would make an effective, accurate addition to hat we have now.