Any Support For The .41 Special?

Has anyone contacted Nosler in support of my appeal to standardize this cartridge? As I’ve posted in the past, there’s a huge amount of load and ballistics data on it- and it shouldn’t take a 5-year project to fully develop It into a viable, commercial round. THX

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Would this round be usable in .41 magnum revolvers?

The .41 magnum seems like an interesting caliber but I don’t know if there are enough folks out there who own one and are looking for a lighter load option for practice or whatever. In which case the .41 special likely wouldn’t be all that commercially appealing to larger ammunition manufacturers. Maybe a mid to small scale company would be more interested in filling the niche?


The .41 Special is by no means a practice round, but Remington execs made it a deal-killer when they went all gah-gah over the magnum - just imagine having to move up from a .38 or .357 to the magnum’s recoil, and the galling weight of the N-frame revolvers made for it. All the components are there, with load and ballistics data - and the .41 uses the same length case as the other two. I’d like to see it offered in 586 and GP-100 frames, for a start.

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Might be interesting but think it would have a lot of competition from already well established rounds. What would it do better than say a .44 special or a light to medium power .357 load?


As discussed in the .30 super carry thread, I don’t think it has enough to offer when we already have .38spl/.357 mag and .44spl/.44 mag bracketing it.

Revolver cartridges are on the low end of demand compared to semi auto to begin with, and those Big Two above seem to pretty well cover almost everything unless someone wants a honker that’s bigger than .44