Ammo that I am curious about

Does anyone have any experience with

Underwood Xtreme Defender Ammunition 45 ACP +P 135 Grain Lehigh Xtreme Defense Lead-Free Box of 20

That they could talk about? I’ve seen some video’s where they perform really well. I am interested about there ability to penetrate barriers and still leave a good wound channel.

Before everyone jumps up and start telling me about being aware of your target and what’s behind it. I live in a brick home with storm windows. Yes I know I could hit a window.


Buy it, then test it in your firearm. What works well for someone else maybe not so well for you. If we are talking about home defense, I would question the use of +P, but that’s just me.


As I mentioned, my home is Brick.

What I am asking about, is for anyone’s experience, with it.

It’s a bit pricey for me to experiment with. If it’s a good round I can justify the expenditure. If it’s just a fad round I will have saved myself from paying $1.50 or so per round.


I’m fairly sure, that if your firearm is not designated or published as a +P rated firearm, then in the manual it probably states that you shouldn’t use +P ammo. In addition +P increases wear and tear and recoil operations.
I tend to shy away from +P ammunition because my manual say’s don’t use.
Then again, experimentation is proof positive of negative and positive effects!


Really, you honestly think I don’t realize that. I am just asking if anyone has experience with that ammo. I use +p, I have a brick home.

I understand all of the things I need to be safe and lawful. I just want to know if anyone has used it. If you have used the ammo I would love to hear your experience.


I have no direct experience with these newer light and fast self defense designs. I do have some concerns though that I have yet to see answered.

I suspect that light and fast rounds are more likely to deflect off of bones or barriers if they hit at an angle. I am concerned that they will not perform inside a body the same way they perform in gel. Based on other fast and not quite as lite rounds I have fired I think they might have a snappier recoil and slower shot to shot recovery time.

I have seen a few gel and meat tests that look impressive but the sample size is very low and not at all scientific compared to what the tried and true rounds out there have been put through. Those rounds have also proven themselves in actual self defense incidents many many times. Until the bulk of major law enforcement agencies start thoroughly testing and more importantly carrying these new options I’ll be sticking with what’s already been proven to work.


Was just trying to be thorough in my answer. Others may benefit from my expounded explanation. No disrespect intended.

That being said, my answer is, no, I have no experience with Underwood Xtreme.


I use +p sd ammo. I found a varmint round that was great as a SD round but experimenting was expensive and difficult to obtain due to the ammo shortage. So my hope is someone who has experience can comment.


I shoot the 55grn. in my .32 acp and the 90grn. in m 9mm. No testing and no actual shooting of a live target.
Both are extremely accurate in both guns. I went with 255grn. +P hard cast in my .45s for woods carry.

Just found this one.


I wish Lucky Gunner would test those rounds.


God loves you @BRUCE26. Thank you. I saw the Lehigh one, not the others. So again, my thanks. @BRUCE26, your profile is hidden, that makes Baby Jesus cry :sob:.



Your welcome Brother. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I’m going to try a couple of boxes. See what happens.


I have the 357 rounds for when I am out in the woods in case, I run into a mountain lion or a big foot!


Eastern Washington


Do you use the extreme defender or the extreme penetrator rounds

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Yep. Buddy gave me a couple boxes to play with. Most we did was shoot through some wood, cloth material, and lots of produce. Didn’t have any ballistics gel to test so I can’t answer any questions about depth. I will say what it hits, it makes a big mess of.

He gave it to me because his pistol didn’t cycle it well and he got some failures. I had no issues on my HK but I did on some other pistols I tried it in.

Honestly, if you are tight on cash and can’t afford to buy enough to test on your own firearm, I’d recommend buying something you can afford to test because like others said in this post…YOU HAVE TO TEST IT ON YOUR OWN FIREARM!!!

Don’t load it and hope it’ll cycle just because its the right caliber.


I can afford to test it in my own firearm. I am looking to see if it’s worth it. I always run ammunition through my EDC after I decide to test it. I have 2 EDC, Glock 30, and a Glock 41. So changing ammo is a non trivial expense.

200+ rounds x 2.
Edit: took out non. As it was a double negative.