Ammo readily available!

Been reloading 40+ years. Over the past 25-years, I would purchase BULK everything for reloading when available at a good price. I now find myself with enough supplies that I should have all the ammo I need for the rest of my life.

Purchased my first 380 in March 2019 and had plans to buy ammo. With the Chinese Virus causing ammo supplies to dry up, I was able to find 380 projectiles from my favorite mail order supplier and received a shipment of 4,500. I saved most of the brass from the 1,000 round reliability and function testing on the 380. I had primers and power so only dies and conversion kit were needed to start loading my own. Have now produced 300 or 400 rounds at a cost of 12-cents each for consumables.

When I lived in SoCAL (Los Angeles County), indoor ranges did not care if I brought my own ammo as long as it was not a lead bullet. Copper jacket or copper plated bullets were ok. They did not want the extra pollution in the indoor air with the lead bullets. Typically I shoot moly or hybrid coated handgun bullets at outdoor ranges and they are my preferred projectiles for practice with handguns or PCC.

Been reloading since I was 10. Currently loading for 64 calibers plus shotguns, and I dont share my reloads any more than I shoot anyone else’s reloads. I am well stocked, I still shoot at least once a week, and I am not worried. I sometimes shoot at an indoor range that does not allow reloads, but I bring my ammo there in “factory” boxes and never get a second look. But then again, I dont say anything about it. Just go to my lane and do my thing.


exactly -

I have been able to find a vast array of ammo at: and at Was expensive but prices have dropped a little bit, and I receive daily emails advertising specials.

I think I’m going to start an auction for the lowest bidder for my ammo. Prices start at $10/rnd. Billing info required up front to participate. Text your info to 1-800-328-7448.


I’ll take it for only 2 cents a round. If you really want to get ride of it. That’s you paying me…as low as I can go !!

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Primers are impossible to find that isn’t trying to rip you off. It was once cheaper to reload but now it’s not even worth it. Should have listened to my wife when she said to keep buying the materials needed to reload.