We just saw it. Yes, it’s Armenia-centric, but I found it to be important because it’s a reminder of what conditions are in a totalitarian regime, and that’s kind of important with the current situation in the world…

How to describe it? It’s a movie within a movie, the imprisoned American repatriate, watches one of the prison guard’s life in an apartment visible from a window in his cell. It speaks quite a bit about corruption, and the significance of art and culture.
I enjoyed it. It’s a very limited showing so if you have the opportunity you may want to take advantage of it.


Set in 1948. Is there any reflection on the kind of lunacy making a family relocate from America to the USSR?
Let me guess, liberal socialist views, involved with whatever used to be “social-environmental” causes back in that time.
Are you supposed to be sympathetic to the characters’ plight? I mean, 10 years in work camp is no joke.

Charlie has no family, he’s a widow seeking to connect with his ancestral homeland after WW2.
Stalin was billed as “welcoming” to the diaspora.
The communists attempted to destroy the culture of Armenia, along with other groups during Soviet Period–that’s one of the main plotlines of the movie.
The sympathy for Charlie stems from his coping with life in a prison cell, being constantly lied to by the authorities, and his grasp of little scraps of normalcy gleaned from the life of one of the prison guards seen from his cell’s window.

It’s a very timely movie:
Politicians lie and are corrupt.
The criminal justice system is weaponized.
Traditional values become punishable crimes against the State.

Sound familiar?


I appreciate the post John
And your views
But no thank you to this movie
I am living it already
No sense watching it
It would be like a bad Re-Run.
I like happy Movies like John Wick 1-4 !
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I think who would get the most out of seeing Amerikatsi would be democrats, who seem to think socialism is a viable alternative.

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The democraps would use the movie as a how-to guide.