Movies you been watchin that you recommend

I’ll start with…

​Got to say I have found Korean made films pretty entertaining when compared to the wokewood ■■■■ nowadays…

also often more wholesome if you follow the stories… near as I can see they lack woke indoctrination…

will name 3 I found fun and entertaining…+

now the 3 Korean…

Unstoappable… pretty sure Korean

War of the Arrows… also Korian…

The Man From Nowhere… Korian…

if you watch em please give your opinion…

and one more…

the thousand faces of Dunjia (chinese) I think but fun

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The Hunt is quite entertaining.


hmmm… have to have a look then…

Have a warning for those of us that appreciated the original Matrix!
I lost 2 1/2 hours of my life watching Matrix Resurrection. ( thankfully I didn’t have to pay, would have asked for a refund ).
The total lack of substance, acting, cinematography and just an overall detachment from the original, my recommendation is don’t waste your precious time.

Not a movie, Ozark is Sopranos meets Game of Thrones.


Free Guy - a good feel good movie. If one isn’t into video games you may be a bit lost at first. The Hunt was entertaining. For fans of the original movie “Alien” you may try “Planet of the Vampires” (really bad movie from 1966, a Roger Coreman production, need I say more?) . There is an excellent argument that Alien was a superior version of it. Someof the scenes from it were reproduced in Alien!

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I recently watched “Wrath Of Man”, starring Jason Statham. It is on Amazon Prime. It was a pretty good action movie that I will be watching again.


fun but kinda normal and plot was rather strange… but ya good movie IMHO…

and ya watched again myself…

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Your reference to Korean films made me think of an Asian film (Japanese I think) I saw while killing time at a hotel a few years ago. Wish I could remember the name but it was about a haunted house with a ghost that once it lashed onto you would keep pursuing until you were dead. Don’t think the plot or acting were spectacular but the way they portrayed the ghost was exceedingly creepy. Had me nervously watching the shadows for a long time after seeing it.

the grudge maybe?

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…It can’t be that good.

Can it?

Those are some top damn shelf names you are throwing out there


It’s pretty good, Nancy and I watched the series. :slightly_smiling_face:
Also the Witcher, Longmire and Better Call Saul.
Apocalypto was really good. :+1:

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That might be it. Not sure which version. The one I saw had subtitles. Might be camping out in the forest on my own later this week for work so not gonna rewatch to see if it is or not:)

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Watched The Gentleman
Also Cowboy Beybop, based on an anime. Watch the one with actors not the anime. Another gangster type movie.

On Prime or Netflix don’t remember which

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When Grandbaby #1 is over we watch Peppa Pig, Masha and the Bear and Cocomellon.
Many episodes and adventures. My favorite is Masha and the Bear. :rofl:

Ok, maybe The Simpsons ( Bart not O.J. ) meets Goodfellas! :face_with_monocle:

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Crash Landing On You
Korean tv, one season only, 16 episodes
If you get past the first episode like I did, I guarantee you you’ll love it.

Work of fiction, sure. But, it was entertaining to get a glimpse of North Korea, not from Hollywood’s, but from a South Korean’s viewpoint.

It’s so good Hollywood’s making their own version. :man_facepalming:t4:

Another Korean tv series, if you like Zombies and history: Kingdom

I’m on a Korean streak, zombie movie Train To Busan

Ok, now back to regular programming. Search :mag: Charles Bronson :grin:


ya liked all those… again they seem to make movies for entertainment not indoctrination…


2000Mules. (Not an entertainment video)


Just watched latest Bond film no time to die… was kinda enjoyable… kinda…

probably last new bond film I will be watching… so tired of all this woke BS…

grabbed a copy even though I watched it online…

seems logical to support these folks IMHO…

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