American History Revisonism???

I watched this very interesting video today…

in it is a considerable amount on the founders and the founding of the United States of America…

and there are recent claims by some writers that many of the pounders were pagan’s…

according to this that is NOT even close to true… is kinda long… but IMHO well worth the time…

YMMV of course… this is just lesson 10… I have yet to watch the others…


What’s wrong with pagans?


nothing is wrong with pagans… the claim made that many of those that founded this nation…

and signed many such documents to do so… seems to be false…

they gave the lie to that with their own words that were in the records…

that is the actual statement and intent of said statement as I understand it…

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Which ones? Actual pagans, like Classical Greeks, Romans, the Norse? Nothing wrong with them.
Pagans you can meet relate to Paganism like Renaissance festival relates to history. Some are Satanists, simply put.

To state that the Founding Fathers were Pagan is 100% bogus. I mean, the Holy Inquisition may have levelled a charge like this, but this is a radical view.

The reference to the founding fathers being pagans is said to be that God is not mentioned in the original document and is explicitly excluded from the Constitution in the 1st amendment. Although, it is understandable as many in the colonies left because of religious persecution and sought religious freedom from the Anglican Church in the new world. Although, the first of the “Charters of Freedom” (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) clearly recognizes the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, inalienable rights given to every man by their “Creator” and “ appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world” in the Declaration of Independence.


Whether being a pagan is right or wrong is not the issue.

The issue here is if someone’s lying about the Founding Fathers.


If I may, as a novice Catholic theologian type…

“What is wrong with pagans?” They worship things made by human hands, which are therefore clearly not any sort of deity in which they believe for starters.
Second, any human being, at some point in life, has likely pondered an invisible force greater than themself. That force, which is transcendent, is God, or in some folks’ beliefs, one or more gods.
I would argue, as would St Thomas, that THE primary cause of all that is, is The Christian God. For questions, refer to The Summa Theologae by St Thomas Aquinas, if you dare. If not willing to throoughly explore possibilities such as this, then one is not seriously seeking to find any god, or God, but postulating theories for which there is no basis, IMO of course.

As for the founding fathers. Having just been to Mt Vernon on October 2, and having explored DC yet another time, I can not help, based on historical fact and the documents about which the question is posed, to believe that the founding Fathers believed in, and were referring to the Christian God. “Endowed by their Creator,” however, is very close to the Freemason thing where one can join while placing their hand upon whatever book they deem “holy,” whether the Bible, a Quran, or the Hindu writings, etc., not requiring belief in the Christian God to become a member, only to believe in a higher power.

That said, they, as every human now alive, must determine for themselves how to define “their Creator.” As a war veteran, I believe I fought for Americans’ right to make that determination for themselves, whether I agree or not. And if pagan, I do not. But, I would not persecute someone who calls themself pagan. I would attempt to logically disprove their theories and beliefs.

And btw, there was a Jewish man who died and was resurected from the dead. His followers went from being tortured and killed for those beliefs, to 400 years later having converted the “barbarians” to Christianity. That, my friends, was well before any “inquisition,” which things were instituted by secular governments and tempered by the Catholic Church, not endorsed or begun by it.

This being a firearms related forum, I do not expect theological debate. But I must do my due diligence when someone asks, “What is wrong with paganism?” It is inherently incorrect in theory and practice is what’s wrong with it.
Alternatively, consider that randomly asking such a question may result in replies such as this, and take it to a religious forum on another site? I don’t know.

I would like to add that, yes, we are endowed with certain unalienable rights. Those rights, in American law, are determined by the people. The ratification of them of the people, by the people, for the people.
Without laws, there can be no judge of law, nor can there therefore be justice, of humans.

An issue in our/my country, the USA, that must needs be resolved, is the ridiculous social theories, e.g., “woke,” and “critical race” theories. Those who postualated these are part of the generation who went through our public schools immediately following the removal of prayer from those schools, then the pledge of allegiance, the loss of teaching Revolutionary history which clearly shows private citizens who own guns freed themselves from a tyrant, etc…
Personally, I speak often to my elected officials. One of them I suggest retirement at least monthly due to his weak stance on the 2A along with the length of time of taxpaayer’s dollars he has spent in office.
We who know history, are dang well aware of how to avoid its mistakes being repeated. We must act accordingly.