Amazingly easy pistol magazine loader

still shooting as much as possible ,one handed. forced to now for awhile after an injury. tried several loaders and only had limited success loading my mags. saw a video of a home made one that looked perfect. the poster showed how easily he loaded up his double stack mags. so I tried making one myself I gave it a try with no idea of proper dimensions. well , needless to say , didn’t work. saw a company(Gun Nuts) selling a larger version (BLT) at a decent price and knew it was exactly what I needed. got mine home and eagerly gave it a try after watching their how to video. grabbed a couple of double stack mags I had to leave down loaded by almost half due to the difficulty getting past that point. a pt145 10 rd 45acp and a 9mm g2c. got the hang of it quickly as it is extremely east to load them up. topped them both off so fast and easy i was amazed. this is a great easy loader for any-one. highly recommend it


Links are always appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Holsters, Reloading, and more of your firearm needs – Gun Nutz (

How-To Load – Gun Nutz (


Looks like the government made it for children.
I’ll stick to ole’ reliable.


sounds like your adolescent brain had to show itself with a snide remark. this works great. try that uplula with one hand and one whole side completely out of commission and post pics of you trying and showing if you can work it that way! tried it, no luck , and promptly gave the uplula to my need to keep it around here.


Just stop now while you’re at it. Be an adult. If you want to be condescending log off and go to Reddit.
And yes, I have used my Maglula one-handed, I’ve trained to load and shoot with one/either hand.
So next time step back and realize that you may not be talking to a novice.


I’m a little turned off when a company in the business calls a completed round/cartridge a bullet.

To me, loading a bullet is something done with a press, during handloading/reloading, when you seat the bullet into the neck of the case after priming and charging with powder.


Thx God this tray doesn’t load clips…


Looks like this could work well on magazines like my Glocks that are easy to get the last couple rounds in. But it could be a struggle keeping things lined up on mags where the last couple rounds require a lot of force to get in.


i do think it will be very helpful with those. the very reason I posted my review of it; in hopes of helping others having trouble loading their mags. the 2 mags I mentioned were very difficult to get the last rounds into . so I left them dowloaded. with this tool . I found it extremely easy to top both off. I had no trouble keeping things lined up and easily done. found it well worth purchasing. solved a big problem I was having. check them out and the how to video makes it look quite easy and it really is!