Always be prepared, for self/home defense, state of disasters, and SHTF

So we’re right in the middle of rolling blackouts due to fire risks, and wildfires are still occurring. We are very well prepared to either shelter in place or bug out. We’ll at 3am the fire swung and flared up so we had to evacuate. As it turns out the only road out was blocked due to a police investigation of a man shooting at deputies at a road block.

So when disaster hits this just proves that some people will take the every man for themselves approach.


They should pass a law in crazy California that insists that all bad guys with guns surrender them. Being sooooo politically correct, no doubt that will get guns out of the hands of criminals :wink:


I don’t necessarily think they should take the guns from the criminals, but they should make the criminals register them!

@Fish You don’t happen to be from California? :wink: